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USB-based VHS Video capture on Windows Vista

Has anyone tried a USB-based hardware/software solution
that allows transfer of analog video from vhs tapes, onto a pc,
and that works with Windows Vista?

I bought on ebay (mistake in this case I guess, but it seemed
straightforward enough at the time) a box that has RCA video and audio
and connects to a USB port, the unit is called USB2.0 TVBox and
I think is made by an outfit called Super Digital Video, but anyway
when I try to run the software that came with it, it just doesn’t
reports "Could not initialize the capture device"; and under the
Device Manager,
the machine seems to recognize the name of the device attached to the
but can’t communicate successfully with it.  I am guessing that the
is that the software drivers haven’t been tested with or updated for
(My excuse: when I bought the hardware device, I had planned on buying
a new pc right away last November or so, and wasn’t planning to have
on it; my computer purchase turned out to be delayed by a few months
which time all the machines being sold retail now come with
Vista…not that
I’m complaining, I wanted it anyway.)

Anyway I see still looking around on ebay that there are a lot of
products with this same configuration, RCA inputs for video and audio
and a USB
connection, but none of them mention Vista in their system
requirements/specs, so I
fear that all of them will have similar problems with the drivers.

Anybody seen a product like this that does in fact have drivers to
work on Vista?
(Better yet, anyone seen any updated drivers for the software product
TVPlus 3.0, apparently
a special customized version of a program  sold by a company called
honestech, that work
with the Super Digital Video USB2.0 TVBox device, under Vista?)


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LCD Flicker. And windows won't keep changes to the display settings!

Dear experts,

I’ve seen some really strange behavior lately, like I’ve
never seen before.

I have a Dell 4600, with an Nvidia Geforce 5200 card in it.
To date, I’ve used a simple CRT monitor from Dell.
But this week, I bought an LCD screen from Sony.

There was some flicker.  So, I downloaded the latest
drivers and everything from NVidia, and installed
everything.   There still was flicker.  So, I
decided to compare.

I also have a Sony laptop, and an LCD TV.  I use
my Laptop to play DVDs on the TV.  I took the 4600
downstairs, and plugged it into the TV.  It had
weird display setting when I logged in, but I
changed them and it worked fine.  No flicker on
the TV.

I also brought the LCD display downstairs, and
tried it with the same 4600 computer there.
Interestingly enough, no flicker.

So, what is causing the flicker with the LCD?

I also have another desktop, with an ATI card, that
sits right beside the 4600, and it doesn’t give flicker
with the LCD.  (I use a KVM switch to move between computers.)

So, the location makes a difference.
Upstair         flicker
downstairs      no flicker

But, why would I also not get flicker with the other
machine, right beside it?  Strange!

The machines are XP/Linux dual boot.  On the 4600,
it also flickers in Linux.

I read that perhaps the power source might have something to
do with it.  So, I ran an extension from the main floor
upstairs.  No difference.

So, if that is not enough, today when I boot the 4600,
the video settings are off.  They are the same as they
were with the LCD TV.  I change them back.  And when I
reboot, they go back to what they were with the LCD TV!

What a bother!


How do I set the video settings so that they stay as I
set them?  when I reboot, they are the same as what I
set them to.

Any ideas on what is causing the flicker?

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what type of light for video?


What type of light is best for video…I’m using 8mm.
Regular incandescent are too orange, and
fluorescent are too green. I’ve seen fluorescent
grow lights and aquarium lights that are more pink
than blue, so would they be any better or more
orange like the incandescent? I’m using a Sony
DCR TRV350 which appears to be only automatic
white balance with no manual control, if that has
anything to do with it.


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want to make a battlestar music video

Hi, wonder if anyone can help on this.

I’m a big fan of Battlestar and the band Muse and have the idea of
creating a music video of spliced together content from season 3 using
Muse as the backing track.

I’ve got a MacBook and managed to grab some episodes as AVI files,
what should I use as software? (budget not that big)

Appreciate it,

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Passthrough conversion using a SONY DCR HC96E

Has anyone on this forum had experience in using this function with
this model.  Can it be done directly to PC without recourse to a
Digital Tape.

If so have there been any problems in terms in doing this or the final
DV placed on disk?

Thanks in anticipation

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Vegas 7.0 and Datecode?

Is it possible with Sony Vegas to Render a video to wmv for example,
withthe time and date at the bottom, from the datacode?

And then burn it to SD-DVD witht he date at the bottom of the screen
as well?

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primier pro doubt

I dont know how to use the triming option in the primier pro software
can you help me

S. Gokul

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Looking for Review or Owner Comments on JVC GZ-MG155

I’m considering this camcorder for a specific application, and have
been trying to find an online review.  So far, all I have run across
is just "intro" marketing material, no actual road test.

My application is fairly specific – I’ll be videotaping pocket-
billiard matches and supplying the footage on DVD to the
participants.  Camera is mounted on a tripod to view the table from
about a 30-degree lookdown angle, and I use an external battery

I currently use a mini-DV camcorder for this purpose, but the matches
sometimes run longer than the tape.  Plus, I’m stuck with real-time
capture from tape, and then Nero (or TMPGenc) has to re-render the
captured video to MPEG-2 before I can burn the DVD.  On my computer,
this also appears to consume approximately 1X time.  So I’m stuck with
a minimum of about 2X realtime at the computer before I can burn the

In going to a HDD camcorder, I hope to speed up the data transfer and,
since the video is already in MPEG-2 format, completely bypass the re-
rendering (transcoding?) process.

My questions are:

1.  How bad is the JVC Everio’s video quality, compared to the average
$500 mini-DV camcorder?

2.  Can the MPEG-2 video from the Everio be used by Nero without
transcoding, ie can I just pull the file into Nero, set up menus and
titles, and burn the DVD?

best regards,


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Hi all, i want to let you know  the birth of a new site for
videomakers: It is an online advertising generator
working with international brands to offer users the chance to create
their own online commercials for those brands and get paid for them.

For each contest period, provides agency briefs sponsored
by international brands. Based on those briefs, users can upload
ideas, or concepts, for videos as well shoot their own ads to be
uploaded on the site.

Videos are then available on-line for voting. The community itself
will choose the best ones which will then be rewarded with real

Te current contest is about Havaianas, the flip-flops.


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A quick explination of MMB and how I make my HD menus

 I am making some very good menus for playback of my
NAS archived video.  This is a great way to go, if you want
to create something impressive and informanitive to select your
videos from.…

 Just click on the pictures at the site, but to see
them full size you can download them, they are small
<200KB files.

  Too bad you can’t hear the background music, or see the
transitions between menu pages.

  Multimedia Builder (MMB) makes it very straight forward, even
though it wasn’t designed with this in mind, it’s perfect for the job.
(Except for one thing, simple Motion Menus, or more accurately
using a motion video background.)

  They have a trial version you can download.

 It is a very graphical interface that lets you build pages of
program interface.  It was, and still is, used to make the install
programs for a lot of hardware and software.  It is also often
used to make interactive training material.

 You create Objects on a Page, within a Project.

The Object create dropdown list:

  Input Text
  Paragraph Text
  Text Button
  Bitmap Button
  Alpha Button
  Animated GIF
  VR Panorama
  List Box
  Rectangular Hot Spot
  Polygon Hot Spot
  MCI Object
  Dynamic FX
  Audio Visualization
  Image Matrix
  Binding Object

  Most objects have, in addition to the settings/data inputs
needed to create the object, the following Actions icons:

  Command & Page Icon (External Commands and Page actions)

      This is one way to interact with external programs (like Media
Player Classic)

  The Trigger Actions for a Text Button are:

   On Mouse Click:  (a dropdown list with a bunch of options
including Run Program.)

   Path:  (where you specify the path to the external program to
  [For example  C:\MMB Menus\mplayerc.exe]

   More Parameters:  ( This is where the command line switches go)
[ for example
"M:\Stargate Atlantis\Season 1\SGA_S1_E14.mp4" /play /fixedsize 1280,720]

 That’s the way I "link the menu selection to a command line interface",
for these menus.

  Then for the Interactions Icon  (Interaction with other objects)

  There are actions for when the mouse is over an object, including:
      Show/Hide,  Show/Fade Out,  Show Only,  Hide Only, and
           Run Script.
  You select the Object for the action from another dropdown list.

[ For example I have the Episode description (like in the Andromeda
menus I posted) as a text object that is hidden until mouse over, for
my later menus.]  [ I have also used the Text to Speech script
commands, to have the text read aloud on mouse over]

    You can also set two Mouse click on object triggers.
( These are in addition to any command action, and just deal
with the objects display and embedded video.)

  Then for the Sounds Icon (Sound Actions)

   It is where you can specify a sound to play on mouse over
and/or mouse click for the object.

   You can use an Embedded Sound or an external audio file.

  The last Icon for most objects is the Script Icon (More Actions)

        Here you can create very useful scripts, using the only "Wizard"
I ever liked.  [Most "Wizards" do more to restrict you than help you,
this one is different.]  [On these menus I usually just use it to stop the
background music when the object is selected.]

    The wizard covers plenty more than you need for menus, but
you can also create your own, with a lot more possibilities.  MMB
even provides a nice little script editing window, and save and load

   That describes the objects for the most part.

  There are settings for the Project as a whole and settings for the
Page.  (It is in the Page Properties that you set the background
music, image, mouse cursor and Page Transitions. )

  There are also various Effects available.

  That describes MMB.


    As to "how I create them", I guess you mean the artwork/
backgrounds, maybe the text as well.

   The Text is just a result of having picked up a few good
fonts from various sources, including the $9.95 4000 Fonts
CDs you find on discount display stands everywhere.

  The Background Images are mostly just the largest Wallpapers
I can find for the TV show I’m collecting.  I have to crop and
resize them for my HD display, and so I have a place for the
menu objects.  I use the free Gimp2 graphic editor, to do the
usually minor, manipulations required.

  I also use abstract wallpapers and NASA photos for
background images.  I just uploaded a couple of more menu
images using such backgrounds and Bitmap Buttons.…

  Once you have done a few, it is really easy, especially if you
use a logical and consistent file structure and naming convention.
( I have menus that are done that include everything but the
episode name for episodes that haven’t even aired.  All I need
do is open the project file and add the names, once the episodes
are captured and given their proper file name. )


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