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NTSC rip to PAL?

I have a DVD  NTSC American and region 1. Is there a way to rip it to
PAL European Region or region free?

I can region-free it using DVDshrink but what about NTSC to PAL? Is
there a way to convert it via software?
Does DVD-shrink do it?


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Recording PAL TV signal through "NTSC elura camcorder"


I have an Elura-100 camcorder(NTSC model) bought in USA. I’m using it
in India (PAL TV signal). I’m trying to record TV shows (PAL) using
AV-DV passthrough feature.

I ran into 2 problems here:

1. When I viewed the TV show in my Elura’s LCD, it is shown in Black &
White (this might be because of signal mismatch – NTSC & PAL). Is there
a way to convert this B&W video to Colour after I capture to PC? Or any
other setting in TV or Camcorder?

2. When I’m trying to record the TV show through Camcorder, the
recorded show in PC is ‘scrambled’, but it is shown perfectly on the
LCD of camcorder. So, I definitely doubt the capturing software, as
there should not be any problem with the quality of Firewire cable,
since it is just carries zeroes/ones (0/1). I’ve used ‘Windows Movie

Can somebody please help me out?


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hi friends, i am a user of sony hdv camcorder hdr-hc3 (1080i)
i use sony vegas 7c for video editing and encoder .
i capture video in m2t format with vegas and will convert it to wmvhd 720p.

i dont’ know the correct sequence to make a this conversion.
i hope you help my .
i would a good deteinterlace image to make a file wmvhd .

i am waiting your reply
thanks a lot and sorry for my bad english

marko from italy

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Where to send my camcorder for repair?

           It’s a Samsung SCD-27 mini-DV camcorder. Play mode is OK,
but in camera mode the picture has lost sync and has no color either.
I am thinking it might be cheaper to just buy another slightly used
one, they can sometimes be bought for $80 on eBay. I deas about the
best place to send it to for repair (no warranty)?

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recording analog stereo to DVD recorder hard drive

recently recorded a few old analog stereo music tapes to my DVD
recorder’s internal storage drive, using the audio in stereo jacks from
the tape deck
the transfer dub sounds pretty good through the TV stereo speakers
question- what resolution is this recording at ?
it’s an RCA DVD recorder, that can record onto a DVD blank in -R or +R
formats, or to the internal storage itself inside the unit
is this equivalent to a WAV file, MP3 file, or DVD-A file ?
I’m thinking it’s the same as DVD-A, but not sure as there is nothing
about it in the owner’s manual.

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Problem with copying from DV to VHS


I just tried to copy video from a Panasonic PV-GS29 camcorder to a VHS
tape. I connected the DV with the VCR using the av cable with the
camcorder. Everything seemed OK, but when I play the VHS tape, the
video was extremely unstable, and the audio was not continuous. And the
VCR displayed some error code at the beginning of playing. I tried to
change the configurations of the VCR and the camcorder, and nothing

Can someone give me some hints.



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I Wont Convert Clip Hdv M2t 1080i To Wmvhd Help My

————————————————————————— —–

Dear friend, sorry for my bad english.
I make a video Hdv with my little Sony Hc3 and use Sony Vegas 7c for editing
clip, m2t.
I would convert my video m2t 1080i to windows media video hd (wmvhd) 720p
wich one is the way to obtain the best conversion ???
my tool sw is:
vegas 7c for video editing
virtual dub for deinterlace
procoder 2 and mainconcept for encoding

i hope a good solution for a good deinterlace image to wmvhd.
i am waiting your help.

thanks a lot

WHAT’S’ you think of Aspect HD v3.2.36 aspect hd is cineform’s powerful

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s-video out Problem

For my Christmas I got a S-video out to Scart connection so i can show
presentations on the TV, it all worked well on Christmas day but today
the output on the TV in in Black and White and it can be the Tv because
I have tried it on all the tvs in my house.

Can anyone help me

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Sony TRV-900 Problem – light then dark then light then dark . . . . HELP Please

I love this DV Camcorder, but for certain effects, especially LED and
other Specialty lighting effects, it is VERY inconsistent.

Here is a short sample video to show you what is going on:

It’s TERRIBLE !!!   I am trying to make a demo video of the
"Hypnocube" and as you can see it is not working out.  The Hypnocibe
is an amazing LED invention that 2 guys made in their basement (see ). I paid $380 for the device.  

 As the video shows, the LED’s are changing rapidly, and when a lot of
them come ON – especially when they are all Blue – the background
becomes very dark.  It seems like the camera is compensating
automatically for the excess light that the LEDs are outputting.  I
had the same problem when I filmed my power supply, which has Blue LED
fans to cool it  .  .  .  the entire room showed up as very dark.

I thought, "OK no problem, I’ll just turn the White Balance and the
exposure to "Manual mode" by sliding the slider on the front left
down, and then adjusting the settings manually with a wheel on the
front"   BUT NOOOOOOOO –  I did all that and it had no effect.

I have tried everything to make the background appear as IT REALLY IS
– just a constant lighting on my kitchen counter.  The only thing
changing intensity is the LEDs.

I am beginning to think that this is simply the way this camcorder
works – and that there is no "fix".  What do you think?

If it is just the way it works – can anyone recommend a good unit that
will NOT do this ???  This unit is old and I would not mind buying a
new one – but I di want to complete this video while keeping the
background lighting constant.  Thanks !!!

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Capturing MiniDV Date & Time Stamp

Dear Group:

I am trying to upload some video I shot, WITH the time and date
displayed, to Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0.  So far I am not finding a
way to have the date and time transfered and displayed in the clips on
the timeline.  Am I missing something?  Or is it not possible to do
this.  Please Help!!!!  



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