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How to detect if a DVD is a single-layer or double-layer DVD ?

I have got/bought a DVD with a movie already burned (from manufacturer) on it.
How can I detect if is a single-layer or a double-layer DVD ?


single-layer = 4,7 GB capacity
double-layer = 9,4 GB capacity ?

If this is the case and the sum fo file sizes in VIDEO_TS is higher than 4,7 GB it must be
a double-layered DVD. Is this conclusion correct?


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Xvid breaks Windows Media Encoder

I was using Windows Media Encoder 9 to convert some Xvid encoded AVI files
to WMV files and things worked fine. But, I wanted to re-process the
audio of one of the files and needed to install Xvid codecs to get
VirtualDub to process the file.

I got XviD-1.1.0-30122005 from

Once the codecs were installed, WME wouldn’t work any more, producing
"Invalid or corrupt data was encountered. (0xC00D002F)" errors.
Uninstalling the Xvid codecs allowed WME to work again. Re-installing Xvid
re-introduced the errors.

Since the install/uninstall process for Xvid is so quick, this isn’t a
show stopper, but it’s sure annoying.

Anybody know if there’s something I could/should do about this?

Bert Hyman      St. Paul, MN    b…

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Interesting Column About AVCHD vs. HDV & Other HD Formats

The opinion piece is written by Wayne Cole for GOVERNMENT VIDEO

"As long as HDV, XDCAM-HD, and DVCPRO HD equipment continues to capture
the imagination of lower-cost HD producers and facilities, it’s likely
that Sony and Panasonic will use their AVCHD licensing clout to ensure
that no "AVCHD-Pro" equipment ever comes to market."

"On the other hand, if Grass Valley implements direct H.264 recording
to REV PRO disks in its Infinity Digital Media Camcorder, and it begins
to cut significantly into the XDCAM HD or DVCPRO HD market share, Sony
and Panasonic would be able to quickly counter with 1/2-inch and
2/3-inch CCD units using almost the same AVCHD encoders as their
consumer units, but perhaps with higher data rates (and milder
compression levels)."

The article’s other interesting quotes:

"AVCHD uses MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 compression and encoding for video

"HDV, on the other hand, uses MPEG-2 Main Profile @ High-1440."

"Anyone who has compressed an HD video feed to H.264 and to MPEG-2
High-1440 at the same bit rate will tell you that the H.264 version is
noticeably better."

"And this is the first ‘rub’ to HDV users — AVCHD uses an almost
identical data rate (24 Mbps) — in an MPEG-2 transport stream

"There are other video advantages in the AVCHD format."

"For example, it allows for 16:9 aspect ratio pictures in HD with a
raster size of 1920×1080 in addition to the HDV raster sizes of
1440×1080 and 1280×720."

"At the larger raster size, AVCHD has the potential to produce higher
horizontal resolution than HDV."

"AVCHD recording supports 1080i/24/50/60, as well as 720p/24/50/60."

"Plus, the new format supports 16:9 and 4:3 SD raster sizes of 720×480
at 60i (NTSC) and 720×576 at 50i (PAL)."

"Digging a little deeper into the two specs, AVCHD has an advantage
over HDV in luminance sampling of 1080 video."

"With the 1920×1080 raster, AVCHD uses a luminance sampling frequency
of 74.25 MHz, compared to HDV’s 55.7 MHz."

"The Blu-ray camp may be able to sabotage HD-DVD by having the first HD
optical disc burners and media in the market, a possibility that seems
very likely."

"But with the motion picture industry’s paranoia driving the
incorporation of technical copy protection implementation details by
Congress in the laws governing the production and sale of HD optical
disc players, recorders, and HD displays, manufacturers had to create
something to make Blu-ray recording equipment and media attractive to
John Q. Public."

"Enter AVCHD camcorders with IEEE-1394 and USB 2 ports."

"With companies like Ulead, Adobe, Sonic, Nero, and InterVideo signed
up to support AVCHD, it seems clear that the idea is to allow consumers
to burn their own AVCHD videos direct to Blu-ray discs."

"The audio and video specs of AVCHD match up perfectly with one of the
formats specified for Blu-ray."

"With HDV, on the other hand, there would need to be a transcoding step
(MPEG-2 to H.264) involved that might be beyond the capability and tool
set of the average consumer."

"The prospect that consumers may be able to record better quality HD
with equipment that costs less than professional HDV equipment has some
industry observers scratching their heads."

"If you don’t see AVCHD as the mechanism to support and perhaps make
Blu-ray the dominant consumer optical video disc format, then it almost
looks to be a competitor to HDV and possibly even XDCAM HD."

"However, the CCD and optics used on most HDV camcorders will allow HDV
to hold its own at least against early AVCHD camcorders."

Grass Valley’s "Rev Pro" Web site:

Jerry Jones

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Is a double-layered DVD ALWAYS double-sided ? Or are the single-sided double-layered DVDs ?

As the subject already told:

Is a double-layered DVD ALWAYS double-sided ? Or are the single-sided double-layered DVDs ?

In other words: If I have a double-layered DVD do I have to flip the DVD on the back side to access
the remaining 4.5 GB ?

Furthermore if there are single-sided, double-layered DVDs (=with capacity close to 9 GB):
Do these DVDs exist only pre-burned from manufacturer or are there writable (e.g.DVD+RW)
single-sided doble-layered buyable DVDs as well? (I have never seen such DVDs)


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Size ratio: DivX/Xvid *.avi vs. final DVD ? Why is VIDEO_TS so much bigger ?

I have an Xvid *.avi movie on my hard disc and converted it with ConvertXtoDVD tool.
It worked successfully but I was surprised about the resulting file sizes.

While the original *.avi file size is about 716 MB the sum of the resulting *.VOB files in the
VIDEO_TS folder is about 4.21 GB ?

Is there always a ratio of 1:6 between source and target file sizes ?
Can I pre-calculate the resulting *.VOB sizes from the source *.avi file size?

Is there a difference of the used source target (Xvid or DivX or …)?

Does the final *.VOB file sizes (significantly) depend from the used AVI-to-DVD program?


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Question about ULEAD VS10 on Dual monitor workstation

I just installed VS10 on a machine running an ATI dual-head video card
at 2560 x 1024 on dual 19" monitors.  VS10 insists on spanning the full
width and/or depth of both monitors regardless of what resolution or
display configuration I have set; this despite the fact that I have
told the ATI driver to prohibit application display spanning.  I want
to have VS10 running in monitor 1 only, leaving monitor 2 available for
other tasks.  Is there any way to do this?  I seem to recall that I had
VS9 set up this way the last time I did a video project a couple of
years ago.


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Best DVD menu Creation Program


I am looking for a menu creation program.  What I want in the program
is the ability to use Adobe Photoshop CS to create most of the DVD menu
layout.  This is the main reason I like Adobe Encore but I don’t like
all the bugs in it at least in version I think it was 1.0 or 1.5.  I
have not used version 2.0, yet. Also it is pretty expensive.

I have been reading about DVD-Lab.  Can I do the above in this



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Nero 6.6 slow!!


I have Nero 6.6.  I am using Nero Express I think it is to create my
DVD layout/Menus.  The problem I am having is that it is very very slow
when playing the video in the time line. The audio sound OK as it plays
at normal speed. The video portion hangs for a number of seconds before
advancing to the net video segment making it almost imposible to use.!!
 I hate using it!!  Is there any setting in preferences,etc. to correct
this issue?  I know it is not any problem with my hardware being to
slow because Adobe Premiere Pro, Video Deluxe 2.0 and Avid Free all
work just fine.



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Audio SW that will use OMF files directly??

I’m using AVD Free DV and am therefore limited to 2 tracks of audio
only so have to export everything to really work the audio with
background music, narration etc.

I have some pretty good audio apps (Cubase & Magix music Maker) but the
real pain is all the exporting to & fro, especially when one needs to
make an adjustment to the video. The whole project has to be
reimported, changed, then exported again for more audio work.

Anyone know of reasonalby priced audio SW that will work with the OMF
files directly??

..or any other advice on this issue?


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Need Desktop Videotaping VCR with audio monitoring

I am experimenting with recording meetings for public access TV with a
multiple cameras to a VCR then doing the editing on my computer. I need a
VCR to record the audio and video. I want to monitor the audio that is going
into the VCR. I am mostly using Azden wireless microphones to connect to the

I bought a Videonics MX-1 video mixer and will buy a small NTSC monitor to
monitor the video, but still need to monitor the audio that goes into the
VCR. I have an old Panasonic AG-1970 that has all the stuff I need, but it
is too bulky. I need something lighter and portable to carry to meetings.
Something with a small output audio mini jack so I can monitor that the
audio is being recorded well.

I would appreciate any suggestions for a VCR, maybe even a VCR/DVD recorder
combo. Thanks.

Bill Mulcahy

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