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New York, NY September 11, 2006– is proud to
announce a last call for entries to the ‘Summer Shorts 2006" short
film and video contest, officially concluding September 30.  The
contest, which opened June 10, provides creative film and video makers
a platform to showcase their work and explore the work of other
independent artists.  Participation in ‘Summer Shorts 2006′ is a
valuable opportunity for aspiring filmmakers to have their work seen by
top industry professionals, including filmmakers, educators, film
festival organizers and producers.

Student Filmmakers recognizes the overwhelming sensation of on-line
video circulation and is a key educational tool for filmmakers of all
levels and genres.  Online short films, specifically, are a great way
for aspiring filmmakers to gain initial exposure.  The contest aims at
fostering continuing knowledge and interest in filmmaking and opens the
discourse surrounding independent film. "New advances in the
ever-changing world of entertainment technology and filmmaking are
prevalent," says Student Filmmaker Publisher/Editor in Chief, Kim
Welch.  "In these times we believe we are all students, and
continuing education is more important than ever."  Contest
participants benefit from direct feedback from viewers who are offering
constructive reviews of current submissions on
Through the exchange of knowledge and techniques, contest participants
make worthwhile connections with others in the film community.

‘Summer Shorts 2006′ boasts impressive cash and technology package
rewards for its top three finalists from leading industry sponsors, to
further film production at a more sophisticated level.  The ‘Summer
Shorts 2006′ winner will also have their entry showcased by to attendees of this years ‘NAB New York
Content Creation Plus’, to be held at the Javitz Convention Center in
New York on October 24 and 25.

Current contest submissions reflect the diversity of today’s
independent video production, ranging from black and white to
animation, including titles "IF", "The Green Faerie",
"Lost", Why Women Live Longer Than Men", "Rendezvouz",
"Devils and Angels", "A Good Cup of Coffee", "With All My
Heart", "Strange" and many more which can be viewed for free at

To ensure that filmmakers are recognized for creativity and production
quality, the contest is entirely free to enter and open to both
American and international participants.  In addition, gives each qualified submission 85mb and
unlimited file transferring to help upload video content on the
StudentFilmmakers website, a benefit made possible by Student
Filmmmaker’s generous sponsors– Princeton Server Group, JVC,
Fujifilm, AbelCinetech, The New School: Media Studies, SONY, Lowel
lighting, and Final Draft Inc.  Entries must be under 5 minutes in
length and must not exceed 85 megabytes. will
announce the winners on or after November 15.

For more information and to view all entries for ‘Summer Shorts
2006′, visit:

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AC3, 5.1 surround at lower bitrates?

Hi, I just lost 10 DVDs in an airplane baggage debacle and am now
convinced (more so than before) that there is a legitimate reason to
backup ones DVDs. I have been trying to read up on this etc and have
noticed that for newbies, such as myself, there are nice apps like
AutoGK (I’ll never figure out Gordian Knot) but it seems to default
to either using the unmodified audio stream (AC3) or CBR/VBR MP3. While
I would love to have full surround sound I am also tempted by the idea
of being able to put 6 movies on a single layer DVD; while I can hear
the difference between stereo vs surround I can’t hear the difference
(gimpy old guy syndrome) between VBR 128-192 kbps (mp3) and 300+ kbps
(AC3)… long story short:

Is there a (easy) way to have surround sound in backed up movies with
audio streams that are slightly more "reasonable" (its all
subjective I guess) sizes?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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DIY website builder

Does any anyone have an Idea of amebsite building for dummies ?. I need
to set up one

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Do you really like the way HDTV looks?

Went into a local Circuit City and took a good long look at their HDTV
selections. They had several including 2 1080p sets that I was told were set
up correctly and what I was seeing was as good as it gets. Everything HD
from the cams to the screen. Both the 1080p’s were running some sort of hard
drive unit, not off a broadcast.

I’ve been hearing how amazing HDTV is. Well….while there’s a certain "pow"
when you first see them, I get the sense it’s due to some artifically
induced phenomena. The colors seem vivid, but it seems to me in an
enhanced – i.e. forced way. There seems to be an excessive "whiteness" to
the image that adds a certain kind of sparkle/sharpness, but again it seems
artificial. The real world as viewed by eyeballs doesn’t seem that "sharp"
or vivid. The demos that were showing were clearly intended to take
advantage of this, all these closeups of brightly colored flowers,
snowboarders on glaring snow etc. I don’t believe a sky exists anywhere the
shade of blue they were depicting in that demo.

I see all kinds of artifacts in the images. Yeah, okay, they’re not meant to
be viewed from 6 inches away.  But when I back off to 8 – 10 feet, I still
see this odd graininess, especially when the image pans. Plus all these
other odd things that happen to the image. Overall I find it harder on my
eyes than a sharp picture on a good analog tv.

As I understand it, in a few years we’re getting all digital whether we like
it or not. Is the whole HDTV thing just a bill of goods we got sold/crammed
down our throats?

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Groups and list subscribers get 30% discount on LME_Collections

Groups and list users only will receive a 30% discount on LME
Collections until October 30, 2006. This is a discount on all 4 of our
collections for the Trapcode Plug-ins: Particular, Starglow, Echospace
and 3D Stroke. Each collection has a 100 or more presets and matching
comps to create spectacular visual effects. Go to to order and view the galleries
which shows you exactly what’s in each collection.

To get the the discount do the following:

1. Go to Click on "Buy"
2. Select the collections you want and click on "Add to Cart"
3. When you get to the second page put the code "groupxx" where it asks
for  the coupon code. The discount will be computed on the next page.

If you order the LME_All 4 Collections the 30% discount will be applied
in addition to the already discounted price.

Thank you.

Trace Burroughs
Sales/Little Men Entertainment

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Avi2Dvd for dvd authoring – mixed results

A few observations from a new high speed/dvd authoring user:

Very slow! usually a couple of hours minumum to convert a 700mb xvid or
divx file to dvd format.

Sound is terrible or not in sync with the movie. This seems hit or miss,
on the avi file the sound is in snyc albeit sometimes not the best, but
after running thru Avi2Dvd some movies are slightly out of sync, some
are WAY out, and some are ok. I just burned Monster House and it was so
bad it is now added to my ample coaster collection.

Is there a better way tp get avi’s to dvd?

Another note about xvid or divx movies I have downloaded, the quality is
downgraded noticeably enough that I think I’ll stick to the 4.x gb image
files from now on, they seem much better.


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Duplicating a text effect from the Sony Seminar Series

Hi.  I’d be grateful if anyone could outline how to take a text title
and move it in 3d in a slow arc towards the center of the screen.  As
it moves, the text shrinks so that it seems to disappear when it  goes
"into" the screen.  If you’ve seen the Sony Seminar Series for Vegas 5,
I’m describing (poorly!) the way they introduce each chapter on the
DVD.  It’s a neat effect and I’d like to use it in my videos.  Many
thanks,  johnm  (P.S. I’m using Vegas 5.02d)

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Avid Free DV – Transitions


I am just trying out Avid Free DV for the first time.  Previously I
have used Video Deluxe 2.0 and Adobe Premiere Pro Tryout.  I have
footage from the Monterey Historic Auto Races near Monterey CA.  I have
captured the video into Avid using a Canopus ADVC 110 from an Analog
video camera that uses VHS-C tapes.

How exactly do you view Transitions.  I rendered a simple dissolve to
try out the program.  I can’t get the dissolve to show more than 1
second of transition which when played in realtime does not show as a
transition at all.  Is this a limitation of Advid Free DV.  So far I
don’t think Avid is as easy to use as Adobe Premiere.  I think Video
Deluxe is pretty good software for costing me only $10 US. It works
without crashing on my computer.



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High Definition DVD Market "STATIC"

"’Neither format is selling well or at the level I had expected. I had
expected early adopters to step up, and other retailers have had the
same experience,’ said Bjorn Dybdahl, president of San Antonio-based
specialty store Bjorn’s Stereo Designs Inc."

"But since Samsung Corp. rolled out the first Blu-ray player, priced at
$1,000, in late June, Blu-ray has faced complaints of subpar picture
quality on discs, talk of component shortages for players and other
technical problems."

"’High expectations were set. At every meeting with Sony, every
demonstration was spectacular,’ Dybdahl said."

"’Then along comes the first Blu-ray player from Samsung, and that’s
when my expectations were hurt,’ he said. ‘When we put the disc in, all
the salespeople looked around and said it doesn’t look much better than
a standard DVD.’"

"Toshiba launched in April its first HD-DVD players, priced at about
$500, and its lower pricing gave HD-DVD an initial lead in unit sales.
Research company The NPD Group Inc. said HD-DVD player unit sales were
33% higher than Blu-ray player unit sales in their respective first six
weeks on the market."

Jerry Jones

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Does TMPGEnc still offer a 30-day trial?

I d/l’d it and it’s telling me the 30-day trial is expired.

Got this computer off ebay so don’t know what the previous owner had.
Would rather not pop the $48 until I see with my own eyeballs if it
does a noticebly better job on mpeg2 files.

Also, would you say it’s a valid comparison to take a .bmp capture on a
particular frame on mpegs made from the same source file by different

So far I’ve done captures from mpegs created by Pinnacle & Ulead DVD
studio 7 at what they’re calling "DVD compatible" as well as the
highest bit rate mpeg2 each will do – 12000 kbps on Pinnacle and 14000
on Ulead. Comparing each to the same frame from the original DV source
file, they both show a very obvious degradation of the image. Wonderig
if I’m going to see anything better out of TMPGEnc.

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