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Question – MIDI to WAV File Conversion [Long]

I realize that this is a video NG, but my sound question pertains to use in
video, so I’m posting here first, before I launch out to some of the sound
NG’s as they have a tendency to get very esoteric and quickly over my poor

I’ve got a music creation program, the discontinued and now unsupported
Windows Music Producer. I works great for creating styled music of appropriate
length to use in video segments. One problem, however, is that it will only
Save_As MIDI (.mid) and I need to do a conversion to .WAV, or other. I’ve
tried several of the MIDI -> WAV conversion programs (all trial examples) and
have gotten very poor results, i.e. very low quality sound with a ton of
noise. One problem could be that the trials have been run on my laptop with a
decent, but obviously built-in sound card. I have not tried any of these on my
vid workstation, as it is a clean system and I don’t want to muck around with
a bunch of programs that will have to be uninstalled if they do not do the
trick that I need. The MIDI files play on both the laptop and the workstation
just fine through their respective sound cards, but I can’t find a way to
incorporate them into either Adobe Premier Pro 2, or Pinnacle S10+, or even

For software, I have Adobe Audition (tried cleaning the converted sound files
[WAV] up with it, but the task was too daunting – everything had to be worked
on and the results were still quite poor. I have the Nero Suite with SoundTrax
and WaveEditor, Audacity, Sound Recorder and the entire Adobe Production
Suite. I’ve tried a conversion from within Audition and have posted my problem
to the Adobe Forum/Audition with no workable solution yet. The MIDI files will
"play" in Audition, but I cannot get them into my video production.

Does anyone have any ideas for what is required in either software, or
hardware (a Roland MIDI console?) to convert these files (I know that they are
just binary code to trigger the sound in a MIDI-capable device and NOT sound
files, themselves) to something that contains the signals, not just the
triggers? Does anybody have any experience with a GOOD MIDI -> WAV (or
similar) conversion software program? If you have one that works, I’ll bite
the bullet, buy it and install on the workstation, but, as stated, I don’t
want to stick a half-dozen trial programs on in hopes that maybe one will
actually work.

Your thoughts and ideas will be greatly appreciated.


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Comast DVR: playback a tad blurry/soft/lower quality…

I’ve been pondering something.

Two weeks ago I picked up the new HD compatible dual tuner DVR for my
comcast digital feed.  I’m driving my standard TV via S-Video.

The channels will display razor sharp, but the dvr playback is enough
soft/blurry for me to notice.  A little like comparing two mpegs or jpegs of
high and slightly lesser quality.

Note that this is not an HD issue—this is all standard recording.  And the
comcast boxes don’t offer multiple recording qualities, so there is no
setting for me to check here.  And the comcast technical support person said
that they’ve never seen that, nor heard of it, and two others she chatted
with in the background agree.

Any ideas?


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All I Want To Do…

Please bear/bare with me. My need is simple.
I want to limit the application to the following simple procedure.
Pardon the simplistic metacode.

The video camera (Canon GL2) is on a tripod,
and teathered to a laptop computer running XP.

LOOP untill clientname is nul
   When a person steps before the camera, the operator types in the client’s
name and presses START.
   The camera begins recording.
   After more-or-less three minutes the operator presses STOP.
   The application outputs a file to disk (format to be determined) which
has the name of the client, eg: "joe_smith" (.whatever)


That’ ALL. It’s a two button program (Start, Stop) and a data entry window
(enter persons name).
No monkey business, no configuration, no nothing to concern the operator.
It doesn’t even have to have a GUI!

Think of it as the old photo-booth – stupid is okay. (I can do the config
under the covers.)

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Which Size and format LCD Monitor for HDTV/HDV editing?

Question for the experts:

Currently I edit HDTV captured on my HDTV tuner card (usually 1920 x 1080 or
1280 x 720) and HDV video from my sony HDV camcorder hich is 1440 x 1080

I view this on 2 19 inch LCD  (1280 X 1024) monitors of course truncated
with the black bars at the yop and bottom but pristine nonetheless

I’d like to go Widescreen on a  couple of new LCD monitors.

These seem to be 16:10  not 16:9   and seem to be 1440 x 900 or 1650x 1050)

Will this allow me to view HDV/HDTV infull screen or am I better off
spending the big bucks and getting a 23" widescreen with native 1920 x 1200
i think.



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Replacing my Sony PC-120e (in Hong Kong)

I’ve got a Sony PC-120e camcorder which I’m very happy with and have
brought along for the vacation which I’m currently having. However,
once I tried to turn it on the picture through the LCD and viewfinder
looks completely distorted and strange. I’m worried that the CCD is
near-dead, and I really need a new camcorder right now.
I’m currently in Hong Kong where prices are pretty competitive, but the
biggest problem is that I can’t seem to find anything good enough. I’m
not looking for the typical "family camcorder", but rather something
that has the following:

-Is compact (the form-factor/size of the PC-120e suits me perfectly)

-Gives a good result (DVD recording or Micro-DV camcorders compressing
the image to a lower quality isn’t for me). It should be a standard
Mini-DV camcorder.

-Has (at least some) manual control. Full manual override seems to be
hard to come by these days if you don’t want to go fully pro, but it
would be nice with more than just all-auto.

-AV in (so I can transfer my old Hi-8 videos through the camcorder or
record analog sources such as from a TV etc.)

-Has Firewire in/out (I use iMovie on a Mac for editing, possibly
upgrading to Final cut/Final Cut express later on).

-I’d prefer a Sony because I invested a lot of money in additional
batteries (NP-QM71D and NP-FM50), travel charger and filters (37mm)

Sony’s current lineup doesn’t seem to offer much. I would buy the Sony
PC-330 in an instant if it was available, but alas it is not, being
just a little newer than my PC-120e.
So any suggestions?

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RIAA/MPAA 'impressed' with their brothers proportionate response in Lebenon/Palestine

The RIAA/MPAA came out in support of their jewish brothers
proportionate and reasonable response to the Hezbollah terrorists
today. "For every kayastha rocket that bounces off the roof of an
Israeli building, we will drop 800 lazer guided bombs, destroy three
hospitals, kill 900 children sue you grandma for hurt feelings and
throw your children into abject poverty" a spokesman for Jewish
RIAA/MPAA exthortion racket said.

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Problem with using Pana FZ-30 video clips in Premiere

Using the default settings (std 32 kHz, 12/16 bit) in my old Premiere 6.0
program I have successfully used both Sony camcorder (TRV-17) video and
Canon S1 video clips in shows.  However, when I use FZ-30 clips there is a
very high pitched and annoying squeal on top of the audio.  Has anybody else
experienced this and did you find a way to deal with it?

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Test, Please ignore

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TRV900: Single frame audio dropout with perfect video

Setup: capturing DV from PAL Sony TRV900E into Premiere Elements 2.0
over firewire.

Problem: Video captures perfectly but every 2 to 10 seconds (apparently
random) a single frame of audio is dropped. Switching to a different
miniDV camera (an old Panasonic) as the player with the identical
setup, cables and tape results in perfect capture.

Question: has anyone seen a situation in which the firewire transfer
can lose a single frame of audio like this? Is this a known Sony issue?
The strange thing is that playing the tape on the Sony and
watching/listening to it on the camera shows no playback problems with
audio or video, but there is always an audio problem when capturing
from it, so it can’t be the playback heads.


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Lets us introduce

Our intent is purely to provide a basis and portal for discussion,
education and promotion for Independent Cinema nationally and
internationally.,  Our focus is to create a venue for an exchange of
ideas and concepts will occur. This is not a co-op which has a physical
presence but a co-op which is virtual.

We are actively looking for postings for a new website designed to be
an online film co-op in the support of independent filmmaking. Download
forms, place festival submission postings. This is your online

We need your help.

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