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Video Mystery – can you Solve This ???

I have carefully put together a mysterious video occurence.  I have
placed the two, 575 kB MPEG-2 sample clips on my website and explained
the mystery.

Can you experts take a look and see what you come up with ??  I have a
clue as to what is going one but I am still stuck on this.  Thanks –
and here is the Link:

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Video Mystery 2 – IMtoo MPEG-2 has "MPEG-1 container"

I really like the IMtoo video converter.  Very small, simple to use,

However, with all MPEG-2 conversions . . . the resulting file, when
dragged into GSPOT shows that the Container is MPEG-1 while the Video
is MPEG-2.  All other converted MPEG-2 files I have tested, including
many other converters, all show both the container AND the video as
being MPEG-2.

Here is the mystery details, video clip, and GSPOT screenshot:

I am not trying to be cute by posting these two "mysteries" on my site
– I just wanted to provide the full details for these problems so that
I can get the most complete answer possible.

In addditon, all IMtoo MPEG-2 converted files will not play in
WMplayer (audio but no video).  I am sure this has something to do
with the weird MPEG-1 container structure, that no other MPEG-2 uses.
The workaround they emailed me is to install the Trial version of the
Elecard MPEG-2 player, and this installs a codec that does allow
WMplayer to play IMtoo MPEG-2 files.  However, you should not need to
install this codec to get their videos to play, IMO.  I mean, all
their competitor’s MPEG-2 videos play in WMplayer without any
additional codecs required.

If you know what is going on, please let me know.  Containers are not
my forte.  Thanks !!

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Firewire Hard Drive Data Transfer—Very Odd Problem…

MacBook Pro user here, and I’m new to Macs. But I also run WinXP on my
machine running Apple’s BootCamp. It’s really cool. But I have a very
odd problem.

I have three external firewire hard drives. I myself put them together
using enclosures and bare drives. Two of the drives (let’s call them A
and B) are housed in the same brand enclosure–Vantec NexStar3. The
other one–C–is housed in an older Bytecc enclosure.

Now here’s the weird problem: I can transfer data between A-and-C, or
B-and-C with no problem (that’s either one of the newer enclosures to
the older enclosure). The data moves as expected at about 1GB per
minute. However, when I try to move data between A-and-B (the two of
the same brand, the newer ones), the transfer chokes and stutters.
Sometimes the stutter will be seconds, sometimes minutes. Oftentimes,
the transfer just stops (especially true if the data transer is a large
one–say 10GB). The problem also seems to build up if I perform
multiple smaller transfers. The first dozen or so will go through no
problem, but then the transfer will choke.

This behaviour is consistent no matter the combination of cables I try
or which device I put first or second in the chain. It is consistent if
all three drives are hooked up or just the two involved in the
transfer. It also is consistent no matter the direction of the transfer
(i.e., A-to-B or B-to-A).

Now here’s where it gets really odd. The above behaviour is consistent
in OS X. However, in WinXP, I can transfer data back and forth between
any of the drives with no problem–all data is transferred at about

I troubleshooted this problem to death before I found out that it is
seemingly an OS X problem. I tried moving my hard drives to different
outlets and tried many different cables and cable combinations. I
tested both with a hub and without, and I tried all the A-B-C
first-second-last combinations.

But now that i see that it’s a problem that I’m having only inside OS
X, I’m wondering if anyone out there has any clue as to what’s going
on? Or where I might be able to find out an answer? I’m running OS X
10.4.6, by the way.


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does DVD need defrag?

I have a bunch of video files (.ifo, .bup, .vob) that I created with an
authoring tool. Then I burn them to DVD with nero. So far so good.

To speed things up, I copy those files to another PC that with a different
brand DVD writer and also burn a DVD. For some reason, this DVD takes
noticeable few seconds longer for my DVD player to recognize and play the
startup menu. Using nero speed to scan, both DVDs show a perfectly smooth
transfer curve.

Are the video files (ifo bup vob) burn in a fixed order or can they
scattered randomly on the DVD like files on a hard disk which causes the DVD
player to seek back and forth (thus slower)?

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FS: Panasonic MX-50 & MX12 Video Edit Equipment

FS: Panasonic MX-50 & MX12 Video Edit Equipment

Hello I am selling a bunch of video editors that I have and I thought
would be best to list them here, I have posted them on the internet for
and thought it would be a good idea to let this news group know, you
can see
the pictures here:

Please feel free to take a second and have a look, they are going

Thanks and enjoy your day!

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For Sale : Desktop Dvd Authoring by Douglas Dixon

    Brand new book for sale on Ebay. Gives you valuable information on
DVD structure, DVD Authoring programs, DVD stand alone machines, etc..…

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Good older P4 mobo to base a video machine on?

I want to put together a bit beefier system for doing video editing.

However, it doesn’t have to be the latest screaming system. With an eye
toward budget mindedness, I’d be satisfied with something in the 2 gig
processor speed range, and I want to go with one that uses 168 pin PC-133
SDRAM since it can be had dirt cheap so I can fill it up (hopefully a gig or
more) without breaking the bank, and will recognize drives over 137 gig
without any add-on cards. Also 5 or 6 PCI slots would be great. I assume I’d
be looking at a mid-level P4 board. I’m sure I’ll go with WinXP Home as an

Any suggestions for boards that fit this criteria? Will most likely be


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recommendations for wired lavalier microphone

I am looking for a reasonably-priced lavalier microphone to use with a
mini-dv camcorder to record puppet productions and other situations
where people are sitting. Wireless capability is not important.

One I am considering is the Audio-Technica Pro 70 Cardiois Lavalier

Does anyone have any experience with this mic or recommendations for

Thanks for your help.

Fred Sistler

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Dazzle DVC II hardware compatibility

Hi all,
does anybody know which motherboard are fully compatible with the
Dazzle DVC II card?

I’ve buyed this card, but it doesn’t work with my ECS K7S5A. I know
there was a site with a compatibility table, but it is no more

I know it works on:
– Asus A7VI-VM

and does not on:

can anybody add some records to the list, and in particular does
anybody knows if it works with the ASROCK K7VT4A PRO, or with the ASUS


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