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Choppy DV export from iMovie 3 on Pismo

Hi guys,

I’m new to DV editing, but my wife just got a Sony HandyCam TRV-280 for
Christmas, so we’ve been using the iMovie 3 that came with Panther on
my Pismo.

For the record, the Pismo is 500MHz with 768 megs of ram on OS X
10.3.9. I’m using the latest version of QuickTime, also.

Really short movies seem to export well, but when we try to export
longer movies (7+ minutes) to the camera, the resulting video is very
choppy and the audio frequently goes several seconds out of sync. It’s
pretty bad.

I have read in other places that other folks using iMovie 3 had this

So my question is, is there a way to remedy this problem without
upgrading iMovie? Or, if upgrading is the only answer, which version of
iMovie would be best to switch to? (Does the newest version even run on
a 500 mhz g3?)

Thanks for any help you can offer.


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ImageMixer Movie Question

Is there a way to rotate a video as you can with a photo? Would be nice.

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Avi compression


Simple question about compressing AVI files.

I have an AVI file that is ~730 MB and therefore won’t fit on a CD.

How do I compress it a small bit so that it will?


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help with rotoscoping (junk removal)

I have a video of a group of people dancing on stage. One of the dancer
dropped a prop on the stage. I have edited the video so that the part where
she was dropping the prop was not visible, but all the subsequent video (20
seconds) has the prop sitting conspiciously on the stage.

I want to erase that prop. I have premiere, after effects, photoshop but I
have never done object removal in a video (for still photos, I do it

Could someone outline roughly what I need to do? I’ll get the details from
help files.

I figure I need to export the video to a file, then open it with after
effects, then….? Does photoshop need to be used? Do I have to retouch
frame by frame?

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premiere timecode

Is there a way of adding a timecode to a piece of edited video, using
Premiere 1.5 so that it will appear on screen when the rendered file is

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Mac to .wmv?

My client says his client wants a windows movie file of our project.

Are there any quick, easy, cheap ways to convert a QT (or other FCP output
file) to .wmv?


Ty Ford

– Ty Ford’s equipment reviews, audio samples, rates and other audiocentric
stuff are at

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Calling any Panasonic PV-GS150 owners. . .

I have one question for anyone who owns/owned a Panasonic PV-GS150.
Have you been able to create reasonable quality prints using still
images captured with this camcorder?  I’m looking for good enough
quality snapshots to put in our family photo album.  I don’t expect
award-winning photographs.

I’ve read mixed reviews regarding this topic and would appreciate
hearing some real life experiences.

Thanks a bunch!

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VCR to DVD copy: can't read on computer

I have an Allegro Model ABR52 VCR/DVD recorder. I successfully copied a
home VCR onto a DVD -R DVD using the "dubbing" command. The resulting
DVD plays fine on the Allegro machine.

However, I cannot read the DVD contents on my computer, nor can I play
the DVD on my computer. When I try to look at the DVD on drive E, it
says "E\ not accessible. Incorrect Function."

Does anyone know how to read such a DVD on a computer? I would like to
make a few copies of this DVD without having to run the VCR tape
through its full duration in order to make a copy on a DVD.

Bill Edelstein
Schenectady, NY

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Using Sony TRV950 as codec?

Should the TRV950 be able to input S video from a Hi-8 Canon via
Firewire to my computer? If so how would I set it up?
Regards, Dick

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[video] INDIE FILM TIP – storyboards


3 min – Windows Media

another indie film tip video that talks about the importance of
previsualization & storyboarding.

Storyboards by Mike Bruinsma


courtesy of
Horrors of War
The WWII sci fi action horror feature film

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