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camcorder LCD monitor recommendation?

Could someone suggest a ntsc LCD monitor between 5 and 10 inch that does not
change brightness significantly when vertical viewing angle changes?

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Pinnacle Studio vids

Hi, I got the Studio 7 to work. But I am trying to edit a mpeg. I am
having trouble finding the right type of vid codex that will work for
editing in Studio 7. I tried divx, xvid, and avi.

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DVD Cases

I am looking for some normal sized (not slim) DVD cases and would like
them to look like commercial grade DVD cases.  In the past, I purchased
some Nexcase DVD cases from, however I was not too
impressed with how they looked.  The clear plastic that runs around the
outer case and holds the DVD insert is of decent quality but the edges
(where it attaches to the base) is fairly jumpy and gives it a
non-smooth look.  Any idea where I can get some DVD cases that look
pretty close to the ones the commercial DVDs come in?  I would also
like the case to have an option to hold 2 DVDs.

-Andrew V. Romero

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audio codec

hi all,
i hope i am at the right place. anyways, i got an avi movie file. i
tried to play it on windows media player but it just played only the
video and said that there is an error downloading the audio codec. i
then tried playing it on divx player. it gave me this error.

some audio codec is missing, please install it.

audio data: Tag 8192

until u install the codec, u can’t hear the audio.


i then used mplayer for windows (was told by a friend of mine), i got
both audio and video properly. which codec do i need to install to play
the file in other players (like wmp or divx).
i tried searching in, but there were too
many codecs, i didn’t know which one to use. has anyone had this
problem before?


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forcing WMP to use a specific decoder

I have at least half a dozen MPEG2 decoders installed on my system
(Hauppauge, WinFast, Nero, SnapStream, PowerDVD, SnapStream, WinDVD).
Depending on the order in which I installed the software, WMP sometimes
picks up one that does not work too well.

Is there any way to force Windows Media Player to use the codec I want?


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Capturing a raw Dolby 5.1 bit stream – how?

I can capture video from a S-video input on my capture card and have my
soundcard capture a bit-transparent Dolby 5.1 bit stream through the SPDIF
input. Any capture software I have used tries to interpret the audio bit
stream as LPCM. There must be a way to do this and then edit the result and
make a DVD. I am at a loss on doing this for now, but am sure the hardware
(in particular) the sound card allows me to capture what I want. Does the
video and audio bit stream need do be captured separately and then
multiplexed together as the input to a DVD editing and creation program?
Surely someone has done this before, but I am at a loss right now on how to
do it.


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4 vob files to one dvd?


i have 4 VOB files that i would like to transfer to one 4.7 gb dvd rw.

These files are about 43 minutes each totally around 4.86gb.

Nero wont allow me to do this as i dont have enough space..

any suggestions in layman terms pleaze? :)


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Nero 7 cannot close program

Warning: Nero 7 Premium is the biggest pile of shite on the market. Be very careful about purchasing this software.
The problem I have is how to close the program.
I am on a a Windows XP PC made of very good quality hardware and I am trying to capture video using Nero Vision from the Nero 7
Premium Suite. When this program locks up (which it does a lot) nothing nothing NOTHING will close it down. I’ve tried everything
(Task Manager/End process, clicking the exit cross, and the program EndItAll) and I’m fed up of having to pull the power plug out
of the back of my machine just to get rid of this fucking program.
I don’t really care that the program locks up, it’s just that once it locks it will never ever close down and windows does not have
the ability to force-close it.
Is there any super software that will nuke the running process and close Nero 7?

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Learn to Convert Your Videos to the DivX Format

Discussion about converting videos to DivX format. I’m thinking to do
this for many of my current videos so this article is right up my alley
and anyone else who needs help in this area.

or another article at:


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PV-GS150 Audio problems

We bought a GS150 recently, primarily because it had a mike input.  But
we cannot record any audio using any kind of external mike.

The manual mentions nothing about the external mike except for the
section on dubbing, in VCR mode.

Surely Panasonic would not limit the use of an external mike to dubbing
only, would they?

We have been unable to contact Panasonic tech support yet.

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