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Selling Workstation audio/video editing, as at this link Euro 3.500. Like new,
used only one time to editing a film.

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Adobe Premiere Pro – new version?

Will Adobe update Premiere Pro (for Windows) to a new version anytime soon?  
Version 1.5.1 seems very dated now compared to Sony Vegas and Ulead
MediaStudio Pro.

Also, has Adobe dropped Premiere for the Mac?  Not that I care, but it
seems like it’s not longer available…

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Strange DVD-RAM problem

I have a panasonic dvd recorder which I used to create a DVD-RAM of
instructional  tv shows.  Based on positive recommendations from this
group, I purchased VideoReDo+ to remove unwanted material and have been
pleased with the results.  After a bunch of successes recording single
shows, yesterday I created a 4 show disk of half hour shows.  When the
disk is played on the Panasonic, the play list shows the 4 shows.
However, when I took the disk to my PC to work on, I got strange

Displaying the DVD contents thru Windows Explorer, the .VOB file is
just over 4 GB which is what I expected.  However, when I go to copy it
to my hard drive, the resulting file is only slightly greater than 1
GB.  I tried several methods on copying [cut & paste, Send to, ...]
with the same result.  [The copy does seem to take a longer time than I
would have expected but Explorer show it as only 1 GB when it

I started VideoReDo+ and pointed it at the VOB file on the DVD.  It
loads but only the first show!!!  That’s the same result I get when I
load the file resulting from the copy to my hard drive.

I’m not sure what’s going on.  Does anyone know or have any
suggestions as to how to access the other 3 shows?

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Re: Super technical question – what marker to use on slippery Sony D21's

"Peabody"  wrote…

>  In my previous experience with CDRs, I just used a Sharpie marker,
> which worked fine.  But these Sonys are more slippery or something.
> Anyway, the Sharpie marker doesn’t work so well on them.

> Can someone suggest an alternative marker that will work better?


That Sharpie "worked fine"??  Maybe, maybe not .. wait a while and see if
problems show up down the line.

I would only use a marker specially designed to write on a CD / DVD   The
cost a bit more than ‘conventional’ markers but it is well worth  the
investment to protect your data / movie.

Richard Amirault              N1JDU
Boston, MA, USA          Go Fly A Kite

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Adobe Premiere Elements Question

Hey there,

I’m putting out some WMV files from Premiere Elements. The originals are

I’d appreciate any suggestions on how to change the Frame Size within the
Premiere Project.
Basically, the end results I’m looking for are WMVs for online display.

I’m getting them out at a good high resolution, but would like anything
smaller than the base 320×240 size so’s to bring down the file size.

Any ideas?

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No sound on DVD after capturing and burning with Ulead

hello everybody,
I am using ulead video studio 9.
I captured a movie from the camera, created a new movie using mpeg 2
format (
it is important to mention that when playing the new movie-mpeg file
in the comptuer  i can hear the sound ) and burn it to a dvd disc.
finally when the dvd player plays the movie i can’t hear any sound but
only to see the movie.

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Is it possible to get additional transitions for Ulead Video Studio 7?

I have Ulead DVD movie factory which contains Ulead Video Studio 7.00.0140.

Seems to work pretty well from what I can tell and has a lot of capability
for an inexpensive program, but my one gripe so far is that the selection of
fades/wipes seems to be a bit lacking. Primarly, there doesn’t seem to be a
simple fade from/to black nor a simple crossfade between segments. The one
"dissolve" that’s available has this grainy appearance that I don’t really
like. Overall their transitions have a sort of "cartoony" look to them. This
is one aspect of Pinnacle Studio I like, it has a wide variety of
transitions and are simple to apply and they look pretty good. (now if only
they could make the blasted software work in its entirety
butnevermindthat’sfodderforanotherthread grumble bitch complain)

The other thing is apparently you can’t apply an effect at the end of a clip
the way you can with Pinnacle. The only way I’ve found around this is to
record a "black:" segment and use that as the last clip.


I’ve looked at the Ulead site and I can’t find any updates for this product.
Can anyone shed any light on this?


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Analogue to Digital capture

        If after reading this you think I am lazy then you are

probably right. But with limited scope with Dial up and paying by the

hour to my ISP I do not have alot of scope to browse endlessly to check
out FAQ.
I am wanting to pick the brains of the collective group here and

receive the benefit of your wisdom as it relates to digital capture of

analogue video.

I have a number of VHS tapes that I want to burn to DVD. My personal

digitial circumstances at the time of writing is that I have a flash

bells and whistle PC with enough power to do the job. ie 110 GB HD, 3

Gherts cpu, 512 mb RAM & four 2.0 USB ports and a firewire port but no

firewire card or wire for that matter.

I do not have at this stage any ability to capture analogue video and

convert into a digtal format.

The options for burning or authoring of DVD’s seems endless with more

off the shelf products than you can shake a stick at.

I do intend to buy a DV Camcorder of some sort.  I also intend to

contribute to my countries balance of payements deficeit by also

purchasing a DVD recorder.  These widgits are becoming cheaper by the


Given the above what would be the most cost effective way to capture

the VHS tape signal by:.

eg.  A DV Camcorder with the analogue in port to convert to avi or


Firewire video capure card to be inserted into PCI slot.

Use a Harddrive DVD to record from our VHS, assuming conectivity

between the two.

External AV/DV conversion unit.

I know some of the better DVD authoring software has analogue cature

modules of some sort.

What in your experiences would be the smartest way to go? Also are

there any pitfalls of using technology that has been around awhile?  ie

I note that MPEG4 compression is becomingly increasingly popular.

Having said that i’m not sure if this is something that is nessarry?

Any comments would be appreciated.

Thank you


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need some help on pvr 150 mce

i got a win-tv-pvr 150 today and installed into my computer but i
couldn’t recieve any signal(i do recieve signal but it just a black
screen with stuff all over it)
what kinds of software do i need to get it goin?


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Where is Nero SPEED (error analysis)?

Read article which says that Nero has a function called CD-DVD Speed
used to analyze discs for errors.

Problem is I can’t figure out how to get to it (I have Nero 6).  Will
appreciate the pointer.


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