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decoder MPEG-2, is it free?

I’ve seen that elecard sell the decoder.. but I see the DVD in my

I can use that decoder with Microsoft DirectShow or I have to buy a

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Free Xbox 360 Quick and Easy

Here is how it works.

You sign up by following the link below. Complete only one promotional
offer, then refer eight more people who sign up and complete an offer.
It is that simple. So much better than all those other websites that
are offering the Xbox 360 and making you complete six or more offers

Copy and Paste the Link below.

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Nikon 5900: converting quicktime MOV to Mpeg-2

I have nikon coolpix 5900.  It supports the video mode of 640×480 at
30fps and the movie is recorded in quicktime format (*.MOV) in Motion
JPEG format. This format takes lot of space with almost 1 second taking
1 MB of space. I should be able to convert it to MPEG-2 format. can
anybody point me to the right software. Processing power is not an
issue. I have latest pentioum with more than 512MB of RAM.


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Dual DVD copy Platinum


Let me introduce to you the latest revolutionary product from Solidlabs

Technology that allows you to make high quality backup copies of all
your DVD movies.

Dual DVD copy Platinum is simple in use, reliable software with
professional features to make high video and audio quality copies of
DVD movies (DVD to DVD, DVD to Video CD, DVD to HDD), supporting all
popular types of media and video formats. Dual DVD copy Platinum can
copy DVD movies, including copy protected movies, on Dual Layer DVD
disc and fit DVD movie to single DVD disc.

Welcome to

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Vaio laptop to LCD

I have Vaio Laptop vgn-FS115S and recently I have bought 30"Sony LCD
TV! Is it possible to use LCD Tv as laptop monitor. I do not have
S-video exit on may Vaio.

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Lite-on DVD Recorders – which came first?

I’m quite unclear on "which came first" of the Lite-on family of DVD
recorders. Does anyone know whether the LVW-5005′s came out after the
5002/5006′s…or previously?.

Also, the 5002/5006′s evidently have the AllWrite Technology, which would
seem to increase the versatility of these units.

Any comments on other major differences between these units I may have
missed on the Lite-On home page, and various opinions/reviews?


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DVD authoring apps which do auto chapter points?

Are there any DVD authoring apps which will take an MPEG2 (which has
already been edited and encoded from DV-avi) and automatically find
and set the chapter points before burning?

Adobe PPro and Elements have an "AutoGenerate Chapter markers" feature
just after capture but before encoding/burning.    Are there any apps
which does this AFTER the encoding has been done?

Specifically TmpegEnc’s DVD Author Pro?

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Black and White with XL-2

I tried frantically finding out how to do B&W video on my XL2, am I getting
old and simile.

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DVD Movie plugin into MCE

I’ve read that there’s a Sonic plugin (sonicencoder.msi I think) that was
included with some new PC’s that enables Windows MCE to burn a DVD movie
from one of its recordings- ie: a proper DVD movie, not just a DVD with a
dvr-ms file on it. I’ve done some searching but can find no such file or
plugin. Does anyone know where one can get hold of this file? or get hold of
a similar plugin for MCE?
Thanks for any help.

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Please help —- TV capture convert to XViD good compression with high quality????

Can anyone who records TV please help???

Capture cable TV with Hauppauge PVR 150 with mpg2 hardware encoder.
Quality is OK for me but file size is large, i.e., ~1.2GB = 1 hour TV.
I have the DVP642 DVD player for direct play of captured results.  I
want re-encode or capture in XViD / MPEG 4 to reduce file size as
DVP642 can also handle this format.  

What is your source, satellite, cable, ???

What is your capture device, Hauppauge PVR 150, direct computer
capture, etc., ????

What program do you use to capture or convert to XViD?

Detailed settings and software / hardware please.

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