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Sudden Capture Problems with Ulead VideoStudio

I have captured with zero dropped frames from my miniDV camera many
times. I also captured one VHS tape via the pass-through feature of
the camera with only 4 dropped frames. The next VHS tape I tried was
impossible to capture because of hundreds of dropped frames. So, I did
a test and went back to the first VHS tape and found that I was unable
to capture it, as I had previously, without too many dropped frames.

These problems got me curious so I disconnected the VCR, changed
firewire cables,  restarted the computer, and hooked up my camera
only. Now, I can’t even capture from my camera without hundreds of
dropped frames, using the same set-up that had worked many times

Anyone know what might cause this?


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What to do?


I want to put recordings I have made from my diseased parents and
sister from an analogue v8-video-tape on dvd. when I use my
dvd-recorder I get the images on dvd, can see them back on the
tv-screen, but I cann’t see them on the computer. and I want to get
them on the computer to edit the recordings.
How can I make a dvd from v-videotape that can be read by the PC?



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Freeware SVCD / XSVCD software?

Does anyone know of any software that is freeware that can take MPEG2
files and burn them to standard SVCD and XSVCD formats?


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Animation with Premiere

If I want to add some animation to either a video clip or still, is it

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New "Pro" version of TMPGE DVD Author

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導演:安琪拉羅賓森 Angela Robinson(霹靂椒娃)
編劇:Robert Ben Garant、 Thomas
演員:琳希羅韓 Lindsay Lohan(辣妹過招)、米高基頓
Michael Keaton(鬼訊號)、麥特狄倫 Matt
Dillon(哈拉瑪莉)、巴瑞金梅爾 Breckin
Meyer(加菲貓)、賈斯丁隆 Justin Long(鐵男躲避球)



下載網址 :

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Nero Recode giving blocky and slow MPEG-4, even on a fast processor

Hi everyone,

I am using Nero Recode (latest version) to convert a captured 720 x 480
8mbps  MPEG-2 file to a full resolution (720 x 480) 2mbps MPEG-4 file.

The output I get is occasionally blocky, and frequently turns green
(for a few seconds, then snaps back to regular color), and the audio is
veeeeeerrrrrrryyyyyyy sloooooooooooooooooooooooow.

None of these problems happen when I try to compress to a smaller
resolution (352×240)

So my first thought was that this was a machine limitation (I was doing
it on a 4 year old Pentium IV 1.7 GHz with 256 MB RAM), but when I
tried it on a new Dell Optiplex GX620 with a 3GHz PIV, and 1 GB of RAM,
I still had the same problems (it was better though – the green stuff
lasted only a fraction of a second, but the sound was still slowed

Questions for all you good folks with Nero Recode out there –

1. Have you had this problem?

2. If you have successfully made full resolution MPEG-4 files using
Recode, what processors do you have? Since the conversion is not
happening in realtime, I would have imagined ANY processor would do
this fine, but it would just take longer with slower/ older processors.

Thanks very much in advance for your help.

- Sujai

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Serial control of VTR via Windows software

Anyone know of Windows software that will act as a simple edit controller for
serial controlled VTRs? I know about software like Avid media logger that can be
used to control a VTR and read timecode but I need to control a VTR and enable
audio channels to do insert audio edits at specific timecode ins and outs. The
use is for laying back audio after a sweetening session.

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Is 16×9 really 16×9?

Is 16×9 really 16×9?  I have a 16×9 TV. If I watch any broadcast the
screen is filled 100%.  My CANON camera shoots 16×9.  I have all of my
settings set to PAL WIDE SCREEN. If I check a clips properties it tells
me that the pixel aspect ratio. is 1.4568(pal wide screen).  Yet when I
render out a section, set it to 16×9 & play it on my TV I have a small
black band at top & bottom of my TV picture.  Why?

Thanks in advance

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Do they make Glossy pre-papered DVD's yet?

The matt sucks big time printing directly from the r800 to a matt
faced pre-papered disk. Doesnt anyone make a glossy version?


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