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DTS encoder

Are there affordable DTS encoder and can DTS be used for 2-channels?

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How to fix camera shake?

I have an important DV video clip where the camera should have been dead
still on a tripod, but it happened to shake slightly when I pushed the
exposure lock button (yeah, should have done before pushing Rec). The
image is shaking at max. five pixels, so it should be possible to fix
it. I think I’d need a filter where I can set frame X of the video as a
reference, and then it would compare and move shaky frames to exactly
same position as the reference frame.

I tried Deshaker for VirtualDub, but it didn’t work the right way – it
just smoothed the shake instead of removing it (or I just can’t use it).
I also tried DigiStudio Video Stabilizer for VirtualDub, but it crashes
immediately when trying to save or just moving the slider. I found a tip
to move slider before loading the filter – no, it still crashes. Neither
of those doesn’t have any option for a reference frame.

Is there any other and better programs or filters to solve my problem?
Recording the whole thing again would be almost impossible thing to do.

Ville Saarelainen
Please remove "eibazaa" if answering directly to e-mail

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Yea it’s true. I don’t know if anyone has tried this
yet, but I was not sure if it was real. So anyway, I
did actually do the deal and I just received my free
ipod in the mail today. I assumed this was a fake, and
just a scam to get me to sign up for stuff, but its
actually real. This Isn’t much of a rant, but I
recommend anyone interested to give it a try.

Oh and heres some links proving it’s legit. U do not
have to take my word for it. Its also been on CNN but
I cant seem to find the link.

–Wired Magazine News–,2125,64614,00.html


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Does anybody use digital video cameras to record movies?

I Have An Aiptek D.V 5900 and I’m Making A movie is this a good camera?

PlS Reply

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I need subjects for my movies

I need a subject for my next movie for my website

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too many source formats! please help!

I am putting together a video project and have quite a mix of formats
as source material. I have a) hdv footage shot on a JVC JY-HD10U in
it’s HD mode, b) regular dv footage and  c) 24p footage shot on a
Panasonic DVX100 (bulk of my material is in 24p).

I’m editing in Premiere Pro 1.5.1 and need to know how best to organize
this project. Can I bring hdv and dv into a 24p project? Should I
convert it all to one format and then begin?


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When I try and view Directv on my WINTV-GO the picture there is static
on the screen except for a clear part running hoizontal to the left of
the screen. I have checked all the connections and cannot figure out
why this is happening. When we had Cable I never had this problem.

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Improve (VHS) DVD quality

I have a DVD which contains a 22 year old movie. I was able to put this
movie on a DVD. The orignal source was a VHS tape. The quality of the DVD is
very much as the tape. My question is, is it possible to improve the quality
of this movie, what tools should I use ??


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VHS Sync

Hello, I’ve been looking around for this answer but just can’t seem to
quite find it. I am simply trying to copy a 2 hour project directly
from my timeline in Avid to VHS. It just won’t stay in sync. Maybe one
out of 5 VHS tapes will work. I’ve told the Mac to "never" go in power
save mode but no luck

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Auto date/time-stamp subtitles for DV clips?

I just started messing around with capturing from my DV camera via
firewire into WMM 2.1.  I like how each clip shown in the
timeline/storyboard has the corresponding date and time stamp (the
beginning) of when it was shot.  

Is there a way to have this date/time stamp automatically print to the
lower corner in small text for about 5 sec at the beginning of each
clip… so that it’ll be there when I eventually burn it to DVD?

I don’t want to manually insert a small title at the beginning of each
clip. Does any other app have an auto feature like this?   (WMM2.1
doesn’t seem to)  How about Adobe Premiere?  Anything by Pinnacle or

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