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looking for editors -

check out a new way for video makers to find editors –

It’s  a marketplace that hooks up editors with gigs,  and allows
videomakers to see what editors look like.

it’s in beta, so we’d love your feedback…

go to the site and check it out…

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Large hard drive not reported correctly.

I was aware that Windows used to have limitations on the size of Hard Disk
Drives for file sizes etc. but I had thought that these had now been fixed
with XP & XP PRO.  The reason that I ask is because I installed a new 250GB
into a friends machine about a month ago & this went without incident.
Yesterday I just put into an external caddie a USB2 drive of 300GB into my
machine.  XP Pro recognizes the drive & it will work but my computer
displays the size as only 127GB which is less than half ‘s true size.

Are there any other known size limitations & if so how does get around them?

Thanks in advance

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Windows Movie Maker 2 Question – Poor Quality

When I import a wmv file into Windows Movie Maker 2 it looks ok until I
drop it into a timeline.  Once it’s in the timeline and I play it, the
quality deteriorates badly.

What am I doing wrong?

Wardell Castles

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Putting .mov on a website – HELP

I’m trying to put a .mov on a website.  I’ve looked up some code from
the internet, and haven’t had any luck.  The usual a href code just
brings up a broken quicktime link.  The path to my video is

Any help?


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Panasonic NV DS33 – Capturing Video on PC


I have had this great little camera for five years but have only just
decided to transfer images to PC.  What do I need to plug into the
DV-out Ilink socket?

I think I need to install a firewire card, some software and get a
cable.  But what type?  And where from?  Are there any compatability
problems to watch out for?


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Component/SDI madness with FX1

Can someone clear up the whole component/SDI/DVI/etc thing for me?

I have an HDR-FX1, that I want to monitor out of live (without the 3 second
delay). I keep reading that I should use an SDI to DVI converter, cool, but
where is the SDI-output? Is that the same as component? Is there a way to do
this at all?!

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Has anyone done any effects with HDV footage yet?

Curious about your results.


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save a movie with Power Director 4

I have an avi file.  I remove some small parts from it and then I save it.
I try to keep the settings the same.  But the original avi is B&W, while in
the resulting the setting remains true color.  It turns out that the
resulting file is 50 times bigger than the original.

How can I fix this?


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New Website for comparing web video codecs

finally, after a bit of hard work, it’s finished… you can now
download a zip file containing 9 different video clips, all encoded
from the same dv source footage.

since i shoot drag racing, i used that as source footage… super-fast
motion is a nightmare for most encoders.

form your own opinion about what looks the best… or read what i
wrote, lol.

there are a couple of h.264 clips(nero and sorenson), but i still need
a quicktime h.264 clip.


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Analog Video Capture Program?

Can anyone give suggestions for the best analog video capture *program*
(not video card) that meets my requirements below?

* Saves to AVI files (no compression)
* Video sizes ranging from small (web) to 740 x 480 (DVD)
* Audio capture at 48KHz, 32-bit (16-bit acceptable)

My goal is to capture uncompressed (for archival purposes), edit & burn
to DVD.  I have an editor and DVD burner, but I’m still lacking a good
capture program.

Thanks in advance.

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