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New video setup on a Mac

My new boss is not in love with my Matrox RTX setup running on a Wintel
PC and wants to know how much it would cost to duplicate this on a
Macintosh.   No budget has been set but I’m free to suggest anything
from budget box to Gee-whiz; problem is I have no clue where to go to
start this process.

Can anyone here point me towards the appropriate resources?


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Re: is it time to toss out my capture card?

"freako" <frase…> schreef in bericht…

- — -

>I have had an old Pinnacle Studio DC10+ capture card for a few years.
> Lately it has been exhibiting some unusual defects. Sometimes it works
> perfectly, other times the capture software must be quit and restarted
> several times before it begins to function normally again.
> The problem is, the video image coming in through the composite-in or
> s-vhs-in is often corrupted. Sometimes the preview window show "static"
> patterns, sometimes stripey patterns, sometimes rolling video,
> sometimes a solid green/black/pink/grey screen. Anyone know what is
> causing this? Has my old card had it?
> To illustrate the problem, I have created two small avi files (using
> XviD codec).
> The first is a sample capture of Jay Leno’s Tonight Show
> (about 690K)

> The second shows what happens it I try moving any of the picture
> adjustment controls during a capture
> (sharpness/contrast/saturation/etc.)
> (about 640K)

> When the card is capturing normally, it will continue to do so
> perfectly for the duration of the capture or until I move any of the
> picture adjustment controls, in which case the second avi file above is
> the result.

> I also find toggling "video loop-through" or "automatic gain control"
> on and off several times makes the card return to normal.

> Anyone have any ideas what might be going on?


Should you decide to replace the DC10plus card, you might consider replacing
it with a Canopus ADVC-55 analogue to DV converter. I used to capture Hi8
with the DC10plus at a bitrate of 6 MB and now I get even better results
with the Canopus converter at the standard 3.6 MB DV bitrate. You would need
a firewire card in your PC, though.

Lou van Wijhe
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Re: Nero 6

I have succeeded in burning a DVD that will play on my DVD player.
Now I am trying to figure out how to edit my videos with Vision
Express 3.  I have two questions:

1.  I can’t figure out how to make a title other than to have it overwrite the
     video.  I just want to insert a plain title page.  I see the positional box
     in the storyboard and it says "insert transition here by dropping it
     from asset view above".  What is an asset view.  I can’t find such a

2. Why is there no HELP button available in Vision Express 3?  I really
    do need it!


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Storing / editing video from DV camcorder

I am completely new to this topic.  I have a DV tape which I would like
to transfer and edit on my PC.  I want to retain the original quality
of the tape as a backup.  Is DV format the best for this purpose?

Also, the original has some shaking since tripod wasn’t always used?
Is there software which removes it?  I have Ulead package.

Thanks in advance.

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looking for a MPEG to DVD tutorial

I just bought an OEM DVD burner.  I want to take MPEG files and burn
them to play on a set top box.  I really want to minimize the learning
curve here and use as little media as possible.  I would also like to
create slide shows of digital photos with music and burn them to DVD as

Can somebody point me to a good tutorial?  What software should I use?
What media is best? etc.

Thank you,

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Help! Jumping to specific DVD location no longer works

But suddenly (last week or so), all of my copies of Windows XP no
longer allow me to skip to a particular location (by clicking the
progress bar) in a movie.  I used to be able to do this.  It occurs in
any viewing program (i.e. PowerDVD, MediaPlayer, etc).

Can anyone help?  

Apologies if this is not the right group for this.  I tried posting in
the mediaplayer NG and nobody seemed to have a clue.  I figured this
group would know.

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Pinnacle Studio 9 sluggishness


I’m using Pinnacle Studio 9 Plus (v. 9.4) to edit my DV footages and
I notice that when I start adding transactions, sound, modifying track
volume, splitting video etc… (to an 1hr + video) the program starts
getting very sluggish. When I’m working with MPEG2 files the
sluggishness seems even worse!

This especially happens when I try open and edit a DVD menu that I’m
working with or try to perform an "undo". The computer doesn’t
seem to be busy at all, there is minimal processor activity and the
memory never goes more than 55% of the total memory capacity. I have to
wait until window’s "hourglass" goes way before I can do anything
– and this takes long!

Please, can somebody shed me some light on what might be going on. I
believe I’ve tried everything w/o success.

Computer config:

200GB SATA HD: 2 partitions: 40GB for software 160GB for video, sound,
and image. (All "auxiliary" files from Studio 9 are on the 160GB
Athlon 64 2500+
1GB RAM memory
128 MB DD3 128 bit video card


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Moviemaker2->AVI->TMPGenc=Poor Quality

I use MS MovieMaker2 to edit DV footage from my JVC GRD-72 digital
camcorder.  Once edited, I export it as NTSC-DV AVI and then have
attempted several times to use TMPGenc to enocde the resulting AVI file
to MPEG2 for putting on a DVD.  I have heard most people say that the
quality from TMPGenc is very good, although the program encodes at a
slow to modest rate.  In the past, I used TMPGenc for video CDs and was
happy with the quality, but when trying to encode for DVD, the
resulting MPG file quality is very poor.  The MPG video is very blocky
and pixelated, this is very very noticable when I add captions and such
from MovieMaker.  The original AVI file looks great.  I have also tried
encoding the same AVI using Ulead’s MovieFactory 3 and exporting the
AVI file to HQ MPEG2 file. The results of this look fairly good.  So I
am wondering why I am getting such poor results from TMPGenc and pretty
good results from Ulead (which I don’t hear people saying is great for
quality).  I have tried using several tutorials on making DVD files
from TMPGenc (i.e. and have tried
the DVD templates, but nothing seems to improve the quality.  In
researching this issue, I did find a post about MS DV codec causing
some problems when editing DV files and outputting them to the HD
before MPEG-2 encoding but the post didn’t give many details as to how
to check if the MS DV codec is being used, how to change the codec,
etc.  Does anyone have any ideas as to why I am getting such poor
results from the program most people say is one of the better encoders
(for the price) out there?

  Andrew V. Romero

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premiere pro seems to re-render when encoding

When asked to export to DVD using the MC encoder, Premiere Pro seems
to take the same length of time whether or not the work area has just
been rendered. Is there no way to make it take advantage of the
rendered data?

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Recommendations for 3D noise filter for Premiere Pro?

Does anyone know of an affordable 3D noise filter plugin for Premiere
Pro that doesn’t cost half as much as Premiere itself?

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