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A Few Questions about DVD Shrink…

I just tried using DVD Shrink and ran into two problems. It seems that
when I choose to Re-author a DVD during the compression stage there are
five video files created and a number of other files.

What are the other files?

The first problem I ran into was that the video file didn’t have any
audio. Any suggestions as to what might have caused this?

The second problem is that the compression creates only 5 video files.
Thus there are only five chapters on the new DVD. Is there a way to
compress the original DVD while maintaining the chapter markers?

To burn in NERO is the only thing I need to do to move all the
compressed files into the "Video_TS" folder? Does anything go into the
"Audio_TS" folder?

Will the DVD play automatically when put into a home DVD player?

Answers to any or all would be of great help.


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Wanted – JVC DVX 707 AC Adaptor

Greetings – I need an JVC Camera AC Adaptor – part no AP-V10EG or AP-V12EG –
or any, according to JVC, with an 11V DC Input.

Can’t find one on ebay!

If you have one for sale please let me know!

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Newbie Question: Good Equipment and Software?

Okay, sorry if it’s a FAQ. I did try to google it, but most of the help
out there refers to DV. Read on for my situation…

I have an older Sharp Viewcam (normal 8mm tapes, not Hi8) that has two
RCA analog outputs: one for video and one for audio. I currently have a
Dazzle DVC-80 USB capture device. However, its resolution underwhelms
me, not being at the full NTSC resolution.

I eventually want to upgrade to a decent DV camera, but it’s going to
be awhile (Christmas, if I’m a good boy and eat my veggies).

On the hardware side, I need a good device for capturing the Analog
video at NTSC resolution. I also want it to be compatible when I do get
the DV camera so I don’t have to upgrade yet again.

Software: I’d like a decent editing package that allows me to create
menus. I’m a bit sick of the "lite" versions that came with the
previous USB devices I had.

I’m perfectly willing to go read a tutorial somewhere if someone can
point me in the right direction.


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MPG file size limits

I’m wondering what the max file size is for the MPG video/audio files for making
a DVD. How much file space must be left for files other than the original MPG
files. For example if my MPG video and audio file size add up to 3GB how close
am I to approaching the single layer DVD limit?
Sometimes I encode files that are too big to fit. If I have a long video to
encode I will often encode a portion of it and check the file size and do the
math to determine what the final size might be. I am using a variable bit rate
so the estimate is not perfect. But I don’t know how large the "other" necessary
files tend to be and therefore the maximum allowable space for the original MPG

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Importing Avid Media Into Final Cut Pro


Is it possible to import clips digitised on Avid Xpress Pro into Final
Cut Pro. If not, can you export clips from Avid so FCP will recognise
them without having to re-digitise. I’m not worried about relinking to
a sequence, I just don’t want to have to do all that digitising again!

Thank you.

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easiest way to make animation from video?

Something similar to the movie waking life; a software to transform
shot footage into animation.

Any ideas?

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VHS => Pinnacle Linx 2 USB => PC


I have Pinnacle Linx 2 USB. It came with Studio 8 LE. Is there a better
software out there that I can use to rip VHS movies and store them to
my PC and eventually burn them to CD or DVD? What codec and file format
should I use when I capture the movies?

Anymore tips and tricks and recommendations would be greatly


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Newbie question


I am looking to use some small video files (have permission from
author but originals have been lost) on a large projector however the
original streaming (?) is such that once blown up, the images are not
Is there a way that the original file file can be modified / changed
so I can use on a large screen without losing clarity?

I hope it is clear,


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Bump Mapping in After Effects

Anyone know of a way to do "bump mapping" (like in a 3D app) in After

I’ve got my regular video footage, and then some grayscale video image
for the bump. But I can’t seem to figure out how to do this in AE. Help
please. :)

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AC-3 encoding

I’ve found that PCM and mp2 audio encoding tend to glitch many older HT
setups, requiring unplugging of the player to get the sound back, even for
AC3 encoded material.

For this reason, I find a need to author some 2-channel AC-3 material.
What’s the cheapest solution to this?

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