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Traffic-Cams ( new yahoo group )


There is a new Yahoo group called " Traffic-Cams "

This group discusses everything related to online and realtime

We have a very extensive links-section with links to thousands of online
traffic cameras sorted by country or by technique
(streaming video,streeaming jpg’s,stills)

You can also discuss things related to how to embed videoplayers on your
website…such as scripts for mini WindowsMediaPlayers or mini RealPlayers

Many of these (official government) ttraffic-cam websites show only 1 screen
at the time…
So some members have made webpages with 9 or more traffic-cam streams
on 1 single page ,sometimes even with the audio form a local police-scanner
in the background !   such a page gives you the impression of actually being
in the traffic-control-room .

I would welcome new members that have knowledge of video in combination with
computers,windows and the internet

Have a look the group can be found here:

and become a member !   (Yahoo groups are free and non-commercial)


contranl   (group-moderator)

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WinTV PVR 150 Problem

Hello –
I purchased a WinTV PVR 150 and cannot get it to work with Cox digital
cable.  Using the supplied software all I get is a black screen.  I
have tried both using s-video from the cable box to the card and going
directly from the box cable out to the antenna in on the card.  Fiddled
with the WintTV software for hours with no luck.
PC is win XP sp 2, P4 3.gGhz,  latest updates,  directx 9,  video card
is Radeon 9550.  Latest drivers to video card and to the PVR card.
Any ideas or suggestions?  TIA   Jeff

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Opening a vob movie with avisynth = 1 sec clip???

My avisynth script looks like

I’m trying to open it as a regular video to just watch- but the whole
point of it is to match the refresh rate of my monitor (72hz) so I
don’t get any tears in my movie.
The problem is the vob file in reference is a 2 hour movie or so, but
the avisynth script is opening it and media player is seeing the vob as
a 1-second clip.

I’ve also tried the script in VirtualDub, and it too sees the vob file
as only a 1-second clip.

I ripped the dvd with DvD Shrink 3.2

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Codec problem?

Thanks in advance for any help.

I believe I have a problem codec on my XP SP2 system, but don’t know
how to identify it.. When I try to run Dr. DivX on certain mpeg2 files
(.TiVo files), it (Dr. DivX) closes down immediately.

When I run DirectShow Filter Manager, I get the following error
message on startup: Invalid data type for ‘FilterData’. There is no
additional information with the error message. I do get a
list of DirectShow filters, but I don’t know what’s generating the
error message.

Thanks again.

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I have been trying to log on to,, and

For all I get the same message: "The page cannot be displayed", etc.

Does anybody know what’s going on?  Are these sites down, having trouble, being
repaired, upgraded?


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Sony Restore

I have a PCVRZ40cg with restore CD.
I just purchased a PCVRZ24G.

On Sony’s site I can buy a restore CD for these units in the range of
PCVRZ24. Sony indicates this restore CD works only on these models in
the RZ24 range. Is there any reason I couldn’t use the restore CD from
the PCVRZ40cg?

Just need to know as all I want to do with this PCVRZ24g is author,
edit, and so forth using analog/digital materials with all Adobe
Authoring Programs.

The restore CD would be used to bring into the hard drive the M$ Media
Edition and hardware driver support.
I would appeciate any thoughts on this.


Chu Rey

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Vegas and Dual Head video card?


I’m on the verge of upgrading from Premiere 6.5 to Pro 1.5, but thought
I would check out Vegas Video before made a move.

I’m really unimpressed right out of the gate, and all I’ve tried to do
is play video back on the TV connected to my Matrox Dual Head G550.

Apparently Vegas doesn’t support dual head video cards in terms of full
screen preview? It will only do it through a firewire connection? WTF?

I did find an explicit mention of special Matrox Dual Head configuration
in the Vegas help files, but it directed me to the "Preview" tab in the
Preferences dialog. But guess what? There is no "preview" tab in the
Preferences dialog, so it appears the help file included with this 30-
day trial is from a different version of Vegas.

I’m no great fan of Premiere 6.5 — it reliably crashes when editing
titles or video effects — but I’ve had Vegas installed for less than 30
minutes and already it seems needlessly complicated and bug-ridden for
functionality that Premiere 6.5 supports out of the box. (I assume 1.5
does also, right? Or is this a new feature of all video software?)

Or am I missing something?

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Canopus Dv Storm2-Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 / NO PC sound

I’m working with several AVI files that I have loaded on to
Premiere Pro 1.5 choosing the Canopus DV-NTSC preset
and I don’t have playback audio through my computer

The audio (and video) play just fine on the TV monitor I have
connected to the DVStorm, but I need Premiere to also play
through my computer speakers.

The Playback Settings tab, Under Audio Playback, to select the
"Play Audio on Audio Hardware” option does not show when the
Canopus DV-NTSC preset has been selected, and I notice that in
the preferences/audio hardware that "Adobe default windows sound"
 is the only option available. ( I have an Extreme Series Intel
D925XCV motherboard, with built-in Intel High Definition audio –Realtek-)

When I try loading the same AVI files selecting the standard DV-NTSC
preset (not the Canopus), the sound plays fine on both the external
TV monitor and the PC speakers, and I believe audio should work
the same when Canopus DV-NTSC preset has been selected.

I’ll appreciate any help regarding this matter.

Thanks in advance.

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Vegas Video 4 Preview Quality

Ok, can someone else who is well seasoned in Vegas Help me here.
I’ve done some lengthy full blown projects with Vegas in the last
couple years & I love it!!!
I built a special PC with the best of the best (within reason) just for
my video editing.
I still can’t use Vegas Preview Quality on anything other than Draft.
Sure I can edit with draft mode (going to my offline tv monitor)
But Why even have preview, good & best when they are practially
unusable.  They drop so many frames it’s like watching a slide show.
I only use them when I pause the movie, switch to best just to see how
sharp my movie actually is or will be when rendered.

I have Pentium 3.0 Ghz 800fsb
1 Gig Corsair Ram
Asus P4P800 Deluxe Mobo
74Gig SATA 10,000 RPM Raptor Drive
(along with 2 other storage drives SATA&PATA)
ATI 9600 AIW Video Card

All I want to know is that is this can’t do any better than my old
Duron AMD 800Ghz system. (I hear the preview is all CPU load)
Then what do I need.  I understand and accept the fact that frames will
drop and hardware isn’t good enough to support say the "Best"
but anything better than draft!
Is there a computer out there that will not drop frames (noticably)
even in "Preview" or "Good" mode???

Anyone Experienced Know?

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