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WMP Visualizations

Is there a way to record the visualizations that Windows Media Player
creates when it plays a song file? I would like to be able to import them
into Vegas 5 for a music video I’m working on. How would I go about
recording it?


Neil R

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Re: TMPGEnc "Video arrange Method" – how to get it to work

"Thomas Lew" <dejatom2…> wrote in message…

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> Some quick background (numbered questions at the end).  I was
> converting analog video from my Sony Hi8 camcorder to DVD video using
> an AverMedia DVD EZMaker PCI card (NEC 7130 chip version) and noticed
> that people seem to be a bit fatter on the DVD than in the original
> video.  To confirm this, I shot some video of my entertainment center
> (for lots of fixed vertical and horizontal lines), converted it to DVD
> using my normal method (captured using VirtualVCR, encoded to MPEG2
> using TMPGEnc, authored using Pinnacle Studio 8, and burned to DVD)
> and compared the original video played back on the TV with the
> resulting DVD played back on the TV.  Vertical lines in the DVD were
> shifted and farther apart than in the original.

> I posted a message titled "Captured video slightly stretched
> horizontally" to this newsgroup (see
> and eventually got a very excellent reply that pointed me to the
> analog capture guide at
> (, particularly the section on
> the capture window (

> Through a series of tests, I found that my capture card’s capture
> window is really only approximately 704×480, even though the output
> from the capture card driver is 720×480.  The article helped
> me figure out how to use the VirutalDub "resize" filter to get the
> aspect ratio correct again by squeezing the stretched 720×480 data
> back into 704×480 and adding black vertical bars.  So far, so good.

> BUT – it occurred to me that with all the settings in TMPGEnc, I
> SHOULD be able to get the same result without going through the
> VirtualDub step.  So I tested again.  When encoding, I tried every
> combination/permutation of "Source aspect ratio" set to "4:3 525
> (NTSC)" or "4:3 525 (NTSC, 704×480)" and "Video arrange Method" set to
> "Full Screen", "Full Screen (keep aspect) ratio", "Center", or "Center
> (keep aspect ratio)".  Against all intuitive logic, the results were
> IDENTICAL when played back on the T.V.  After much usenet searching, I
> finally found an article that suggested using a "Video arrange Method"
> of "Center (custom)" set to 704×480, and that worked (added black bars
> on each side that resulted in the proper aspect ratio when played back
> on the T.V.).

> 1.  Why does a "Video arrange Method" of "Center (custom)" set to
> 704×480 produce different output than simply using a "Video arrange
> Method" of "Center (keep aspect ratio)" when the "Source aspect ratio"
> is set to "4:3 525 (NTSC, 704×480)"?

> 2.  Does anyone know anything about the algorithm TMPGEnc uses to
> resize the image when using the "Center (custom)" video arrange
> method?  Will it produce better/same/worse quality than using
> VirtualDub’s "Precise bicubic" resize filter?

  This sounds like you have a better understanding of the subject
than I do. Am I missing, or misunderstanding, something – except
for the bicubic reference, you make no mention of the shape of the
pixels themselves. Isn’t that a factor also?


Urgo: "He gets so – confused."

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Looking for recommendations for editing software

I have purchased a Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-250 card for the purpose of using it
as a PVR to record TV broadcasts.  I had recorded game 4 of the World Series
and wanted to edit out the commercial.  This card comes with a built in
editor called
Nanocosmos MPEG tools.  The problem I have with it is that to me at least,
it is akward to use.  That is to get to the exact point of the video you
want to edit out, you have to use the slide bar which is not precise enough.
I suppose what I’m looking for is something similar to a jog/shuttle type
control similar to those found on editing VHS decks.  Is there a reasonably
priced software that has such a feature or can anyone recommend a good
editing software program.  Keep in mind that I’m only looking for something
to edit out commercials and not for any fancy professional type work, hence
the need for "reasonably priced" (below $80 street price maybe?) software.
Thanks in advance.

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enhanced cd

Help!! I found some reference to this sort of problem in this group and hope
someone can help me.

I am trying to make an enhanced cd where the mpg file autoruns on inserting
the cd into a pc.

I have 2 audio files in the first session and a mpg with a autorun.inf file
in the second session.
I just cannot seem to get the autorun file correct to get the mpg to
at the moment media player starts and the audio trax play not the mpg.

I can burn this on nero on the pc or toast on the mac with the same results.

Any help appreciated

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Converting videos to .ASF format for the Panasonic devices ?

Hi there,

Can anyone point me in the direction of a tool (or tools) that will
allow me to convert a MPEG/Divx/WMV video file into the ASF format
that the Panasonic range of devices use ?

I’ve a Panasonic DMR-E100 that can record and playback MPEG-4, but I’d
like to convert some of my own videos, put them on a DVD or SD-Card
and have the E100 play them on the big screen.

Problem I have is finding a tool that can make ASF files and let me
choose which codecs to use (ISO – MPEG-4 for video and G.726 for

Any pointers ?



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cgm scrambler, or similar, for matrix style titles???

I have a demo version of CGM Scrambler, but it will not let me use it
to create my own titles.  I guess that is why it is a demo… anyway,
I am looking for someone willing to loan (give,trade) a copy of that
effect for FCE.

Email me a gasoline…

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OT Watch Your Shows for Free

Get some free gear at:

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Cannot open Xvid

Hi all, I cannot open and of course edit any Xvid Avi file in Premiere
Pro 1.5, even if the most recent codec is installed (’s xvid
1.0.2 dated 29.08.2004). Any clue or suggestion?


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Output from VCR to PC

OK I have a LifeView Flyvideo 3000 capture card and my next question
is should I capture from my VCR using the RCA cables or the regular
"cable tv" type connector.



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Avid Express Pro (with Mojo) – Faster on which platform?

I don’t want to start a Mac vs. PC war thread but I do want to know
specifically whether Avid Express Pro (with Mojo) will operate smoother
and/or faster on either a dual Xeon PC or a dual processor Apple G5.

Has anyone seen the difference?

I have no allegiance to either platform , so I will go with the best
solution – I don’t mind spending more if it provides faster results.
Whichever option I choose I would get it with lots of RAM and storage.

Thanks in advance.

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