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Converting 29.976fps AVI to 23.976fps AVI

I have a 29.976fps AVI file. The source of that AVI was film. I’d like to
convert it to 23.976fps AVI. This AVI will be used to be compressed in
DVD compatible MPEG-2 for a progressive scan DVDR.

So what’s the best way to do it? I guess I have to perform reverse 3:2 pulldown.
How do I do it in VirtualDub? Do I need anything to do with the sound to have
the synch?

Or should I just feed the original 29.976 AVI
into TMGEnc and perform reverse 3:2 pulldown there? Thanks.


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Windows Movie Maker: how to display dropped frame count?

Is there a way to display a dropped-frame count when using Windows
Movie Maker to capture? Failing that, are there other capture apps
that include the capture-duration timer that Movie maker has? The need
is for capture from firewire input to DV AVI.

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No sound in Premiere Timeline

This seems to be a MAJOR bug that no one has the answer for and this
problem has been ongoing for over a year now in version
6.0,6.5,1.0,1.5.  Google search everywhere and within Adobe’s WWW site
but no one has an answer.


Import a large AVI to Premiere.  Monitor window plays just fine. Move
anything to the TIMELINE and only the video plays, no sound.  Yes,
yes, yes, everyone knows to make sure the AUDIO/VIDEO icon is selected
so both are being moved.  Yes, yes, yes, the video camera is

I hate the Adobe WWW user site because
their search engine sucks harder than it blows.  Can never find
anything useful.

Only trick I can make this work is to use PREMIERE for the video edit
then use VIRTUAL DUB to take the AVI and rip the sound into a WAV
file.  Then use PREMIERE to import the WAV and combine them.  Pretty
piss poor way of doing things for a $1,000 program.

BTW, has the newsgroup
been dropped?  Maybe it is just my ISP that doesn’t carry it.

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Who owns LCD tv/monitor?

Who owns one of those combo lcd tv/monitors?

And how are you liking it?

Can all combo units be used as a PC monitor as well as
stand alone TV?

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Drawing on individual frames?

Is there a software for DV that allows you to draw directly on the video
frames without having to export as filmstrip (.flm file) to Photoshop
like Premiere 6?


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DETAILED DVD Architect 2 guides?

I’m trying to use DVD Architect 2 (from Sony) to create a simple DVD. I
have the video/audio file. Here’s what I want to do:

When they pop the DVD in, it will bring up the menu and they’ll have 2

Play Movie and Chapter Selection

I know how to make chapters in the MPEG2 file and that’s as far as I’ve
gotten with DVDA. I only have 10 days left in trial mode. Can anyone type
up something for me?

Feel free to email your response (remove FAS of course)

Thank you

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Previewing on a TV connected to laptop.

I just realized that my new LG Flatron TV has a VGA input so I thought that
this would be a good way to see my video files on a good monitor before I
burned them to DVD .   I connected my laptop to the TV but then it said that
the  VGA input was 600×480 on the screen.  The laptop doesn’t have settings
that go this low.  Needless to say I never got to see anything on the TV.
Is this a common occurrence or an I missing something?

Thanks in advance

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vhs to dvd

Does anyone know how to get around the protection on some vhs tapes???
please respond in the group.  I have a home dvd burner and I’m trying to
convert my vhs colection to dvd but some tapes are protected.

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