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More video capture pgmming help?

Okay, I’ve posted a couple of message to these groups, and haven’t
gotten much help.  Here’s another try…

I have managed to write a program to capture a single frame from
my VideoBlaster SE100.  I used the VideoOpen(), etc, functions, because:

1. I can’t have any windows popping up (this is a WEB CGI).
2. I want RAW RGB24.

I was only able to capture from video source 0 (not source 1 or S-video).


1. Is it possible to somehow select source 1 or S-video?
2. Is it true that using the AVICAP stuff, I must pop up windows to do
   all sorts of stuff?
3. Am I SOL; is there no way to do on-demand video capture from source 1
   from Windows without popping up a window somewhere?

I know there is a VFW expert out there somewhere.  I appreciate the help.


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Where to get the FAQ?

Where can I get the FAQ for this newsgroup?

I love to talk to people in their own language
"No prophet has honor in his own country"

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Sound with the QMotion PCI

I’m new to this stuff and this might be a dumb question, but, does
the QMotion card allow for digitizing sound to go along with a
video clip? The web page I looked at stated that a sound card is
required – if this means that the sound card (I have an SB16 ASP)
will be responsible for digitizing the sound for a clip, then how is
that sound then synchronized with the video? I can’t imagine the
computer being able to synchronize 2 data streams going to 2
separate peripherals on the bus with that much bandwidth going
by. Does RC timecode have anything to do with this?

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   (Transition,Sfx,CG,3D-2D Animations,Painting)
–  Video Toaster 4000  (v3.1)
–  Amiga4000/40, 18meg.RAM, HD, CD-ROM (SCSI)
–  A1942 Multisync Monitor  (with internal stereo speakers)
–  DPS Personal Component Adapter  (Y/C and Component adapter)
–  Two(2)    DPS TBC-IV Timebase Correctors  [also work in PC, work with
(Personal Animation Recorder) as high quality video caption cards for NLE
system on PC or Amiga platform]
–  ESE Blackburst Generator  (with high quality cables)
–  Lightwave3D  (Broadcast quality 3D Animation software)
–  Alphapaint  (Latest version of 36 bit Video Painting software, can
directly on Toaster’s video output)
–  DeluxePaint V  (Latest Version, Painting and 2D Animation software)
–  Data Flyer SCSI+  (SCSI Controller, does not use expansion slot)
–  ASIM-CDFS V.3.0  (Latest version, SCSI software)
–  Directory Opus  (Directory utility software)
–  Seamlessly integrated with FLYER CARD to form super quality NLE SYSTEM
that produce D2 quality video and CD quality audio.
–  10 Instruction tapes (CG, Paint, 3D) by Lee Stranahan
–  2 yrs. Backissue of Video Toaster Users magazines and the remaining of
current subscription status
–  Many toaster instruction books and Amiga related magazines
–  All in like NEW condition and in original boxes with complete manuals
instructions , cables and adapters
–  Will help to setup and teach !!  (only in Chicago area and Burb)
–  Include ground shipping  (in USA North America only)

      PRICE  for  (MUST SELL)  ONLY  $5,500   (COD Only)
   TEL.  (708) 677-9414 ask for  "KIT"  or  e-mail   wolf…

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– SONY Hi8 Camcorder TR81 (complete Auto/Man adj. mic & phone ports)
– Videonics Video TiTlemaker  (Broadcast quality)
– Videonics Video Equalizer  (Color/Brightness/Contrust adjustment)
– Camgear Video Light
– Sima Proline Video Tripod  (Solid Fluid Head)
– Extra SONY NiCd battery  (2400 mAh)
– Portable 8mm Rewinder
– All in almost NEW condition !!  and in original boxes with complete
manuals, instructions, cables and adapters.
– All used only few hrs.
– Will pay for ground shipping  ( in USA North America only )

     PRICE  for  ( MUST SELL)  ONLY  $900   (COD only)
                   Call. TEL.  (708) 677-9414  ask for  "KIT"
                           or  e-mail to  wolf…

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Just a test.

Just a test.

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DV firewire connect – on the way, wait

I am told by Crimson Camera in Cambridge, that the firewire
hookup for Sony and the digital output for Panasonic are very
close, as are products to edit them. On the way, wait is what
is said when an artillary shell is fired and has not yet

I can hardly wait myself.

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FS: Audio Gear

I have gone digital and and down-sized my project studio so the following pieces
of equipment are now surplus:

TASCAM M208 mixer, 8 in (mic or line), 8 tape in, 4 out, stereo out,
foldback out, effects out, effects return, pfl, 100 Hz, sweepable               mid-range
and 10KHz EQ on each position, mic pad, adjustable mic/line     gain, slide faders,
monitor out, 4 VU meters (not LED’s), and unit can be table top or rack mounted.
This mixer has never been on the road, I’ve had it about five or six years, it
has never been used commercially — only in my little project studio — probably
used a total of 25 to 30 days a year.  It is mint.  Manual is included along
with the rack mounting adapters.  Asking $400.00 plus shipping.

APHEX AURAL EXCITER Type C, two channels, adds brilliance and presence to live
or recorded sound, MINT.  About five or six years old.  I bought it new, took it
out of the box, put it in the rack, used it about the same amount as the M208
mixer and removed it from the rack and put it back in it’s original packaging
with the manual.
Asking $125.00 plus shipping.

DAK1 (by BSR) single ended noise reduction unit, two channels, reduces tape and
system hiss and similar noise from recordings, adjustable threshold and
frequency.  MINT condition.  I bought it new about five or six years ago put it
in the rack (it uses one rack space, however, I do not have rack adapters for
it), took it out of the rack and put it back in it’s original packagining with
the manual.
Asking $75.00 plus shipping.

FURMAN PB-40 patch bay.  40 patch points (this strip is missing two positions
and has been modified to provide a common two track record bus on about eight
positions.  Jacks are 1/4" tip/sleeve on the front and back of the patch bay.
It is in very good condition other than the items mentioned above.  It requires
one rack unit.
Asking $50.00 plus shipping.

HARRIS/AIWA XD-001UH DAT RECORDER.  Older unit.  Cosmetically it is very good.
It seems to be operating fine except it will occasionally drop out for a
fraction of a second on playback.  It records fine.  I bought it second hand.  I
do have the, hard to come by, service manual as well as the operation manual.
Although originally sold as a professional DAT to radio stations it does have
SCMS protection circuitry.  Due to moving to a much, much smaller home (I work
at home) and going all digital I bought a new TASCAM DA-P1 to replace this much
larger unit.
 Asking $400.00 plus shipping.

TECHNICS SH-9010 PARAGRAPHIC EQUALIZER. This is a rack mount unit built by
Technics as a high-end prosumer equalizer.  I bought it second hand.  The
original carton is with it, although the original packaging is not.  I also have
the manual.  The unit is almost mint.  It provides five bands of adjustable
frequency and bandwidth EQ, +/- 12 dB on each of two stereo channels.  It has an
EQ in/out switch for A/B comparisons.  It is built like a Sherman tank, solid,
heavy and gutsy.  I haven’t used it in about three years, but it was working
fine when I pulled it from the rack back then.
Asking $225.00 plus shipping.

AMPEX ANALOG STUDIO RECORDER:  Attn all you analog lovers, if you’ve never owned
an Ampex, here’s your chance.  This unit consists of an AG-350 transport, the
second generation of the classic 350/351 transport, a 3 speed, reversible, Beau
capstan motor (wired for 3.75, 7.5 and 15 ips, however the reversible feature is
not currently wired).  The electronics are the original, classic Inovonics 355
stereo record, play, selsync electronics (both channels mounted in one 3.5 inch
rack unit).  The model 900 power supply is included.  The entire package is
mounted in an Ampex AG-440 roll around, studio console.  Of course, the machine
accepts 10 inch reels and has two track 1/4" heads.   I haven’t used the machine
in at least three, maybe four years, but before moving it to a new storage
location, I ran a 15 ips MRL alignment tape on it — and without tweaking it, it
met original factory specs.  I recorded tones on it and the record response was
within factory specs.  It’s a great machine for editing, too.  This is not a UPS
shippable machine.  So, it would be best if you could come pick it up, or it
will have to be shipped by some kind of truck.  Documentation is included on the
transport, the electronics/power supply and the capstan motor.
Asking price $600.00 plus shipping.

designed for court transcribers and manuscript transcribers.  This is a fairly
old machine but, built like a tank.  It includes a telephone input, mic input
and has a foot pedal that starts, stops and backs up the tape.  It also has
variable speed.  This particular machine actually came out of the White House
where it was used to transcribe President Reagan’s, George Bush’s and Supreme
Court comments and proceedings.  It’s in decent condition but could use some
routine maintenance.  Asking price is $75.00 plus shipping.

CANON FAXPHONE 50 FAX MACHINE.  I threw this in this list just incase anyone is
in need of a nearly new, stand alone fax machine.  It is about two years old
but, was only used for about a year.  It is in its original packaging with
manual.  It uses 328′ rolls of thermal paper (two new rolls plus what is in the
machine are included). It features a paper decurler, sheet cutter and 10  page
document feeder. I now have a plain paper fax and a fax modem in each of our
three computers — we are over-faxed, and we use e-mail for much of what we used
to fax.  Asking price $250.00 plus shipping.  

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Photos to method?

Can anyone point me in the best way to put photos onto videotape?
What is the best method/equipment???


email: ma…

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HELP Video capture

How can I capture video files bigger as 2 GIG?
(work with Premiere and Fusion for Macintosh).


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