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Premiere & Painter FS

Premiere 4.01  Mac $300
Painter 3.1   Mac $250
Manuals, and original boxes. Open to offers.
Kieran Finney

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WTB: Premier 4.0 or razor 2.0

I am looking for a used copy of the above, if you have up-graded to
another product please sell me your old one!.. No pirated copies, I
need all the manuals, and original disks.. thanks, mike

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For Sale: SONY EV)-9700 HI-8 Edit system w/DVE


All of you HI-8 producers here is you opportunity to purchase the Sony
hi-8 dual vcr/editor aka: EVO-9700. It has 100 hours on it, thats all
and is in excelent conditon. I used it for one project and now it need
to sell it. I produce mostly in BetaSP. Now for the price:
I will sell the EV0-9700 + the Videonics MX-1 Digital mixer for $4,000
or Best Offer. If you would like you can cal me direct at
(206)718-4336 or email me at j…

This won”t last lnog so hurry up. Bet offer taks whole system, There
is no miminum.

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For Sale: Sony VX3 & EV-C100

(One) Sony CCD-VX3 three chip Hi8 camcorder. Purchased new in late July
1995. Used on one shoot, less than ten hrs. of use. Extra battery, lots
of new Fuji M221E tape.
$2,300 fob Chgo., OBO

(One) Sony EV-C100 Hi8 tape deck. Purchased new in late July 1995. Less
than five hrs. of use.
$400 fob Chgo., OBO

Bob Rosenthal
1637 North Meyer Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614
Phone (312) 266-8867
Fax        (312) 266-8843

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Re: problems with FPS60 and Premiere

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(Massimo Sarzi) writes:
> I have a problem with Premiere and FPS60: when I make a movie
> -with ///FAST codec (version 1.04)- the resulting AVI clip
> is full of points. I think the problem is in the driver,
> because FPS60 is OK when I capture videos from vcr and I play
> the same without recompress it. Can you help me?
> I have a Pentium 120 processor, 16 Mb ram,
> a Trident graphic card (on PCI), and
> I’ve tried the Diamond Stelth 64 Vram with the same result.
> I know there is a new driver for the FPS60 (1.05). where can I find
> it?

Try Compuserve – GO FAST.  Do you have the recompress option checked in the
Compression section of your output options?  What you may be seeing are MJPEG
artifacts – little blocks of 8 X 8 pixels which have been separated out by
compressing twice.

James Drummond Morris


"A squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag is fast and bulbous.
 Got me?"

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Radius Video Vision for Sale $600

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> From: jecol… (Jose E. Colina)
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> Subject: Radius Vido Vision for Sale $600
> Date: Fri, 03 Nov 1995 19:29:43 -0800
> Organization: 4D Communications
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> I have a Radius Video Vision Basic. This was never installed, only sat on
> a shelf and opened to show people what it looked like. I bought it from a
> dealer who gave me a good deal on it.
> However, I decided I could not afford to keep it so here it is up for sale.

> $600, Fed-X COD shipping included.

> Jojo
> 619-447-4122

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PVR-what software edit tools comes with it?

Does the DPS PVR and its capture card comes with any workable edit
software tools?  Many other capture cards comes bundle with Premiere
or Razor.  

The PVR promo docs does not make much mention of the edit tools.  Do I
have to buy either Premiere or Razor when I order the PVR, or does it
have a striped down version of something?

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Hi folks,
I was wondering what videovision is like and what the control
panel connects into.  It anyone knows could they let me know?
I have a mac quadra 605 with no videocard and was curious if
it would work on my machine.  

Scott Smith

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Video Digitalizers???


I am planning on buying a video digitalizer.  I would like some
recommendations and/or suggestions.  I am planning on spending under

Please reply via email


Shamir Allibhai

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Targa+ 16 Experiences

        I am in the market for a PC-compatible video capture/output card
which has the functionality of a Radius VideoVision Studio card – namely,
I would like to capture video, edit it, and then output to video tape at
full screen, 30fps.  It was my impression that the Truevision Targa+ 16
card would fit the order, but I could use some help confirming this notion.
(I already checked Truevision’s web site but I need more info.  Oh, yes, I
know the Targa 2000 card would be perfect, but the price is above my budget –

        If you have any experiences using the Truevision Targa+ 16
video capture card, please e-mail or post your opinions
or recommedations about this card.  

        Also, I have the following questions:  

        1) is the card capable of outputting full screen images at 640×480
        at 30 fps in 24bpp color?
        2) is the card is compatible with Adobe Premiere?  
        3) what is the difference between the Targa+ 16, 16/32, and 64
        4) how is the image quality of the video captures?

        Your responses are welcome!

        Thanks for your time,

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