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What hardware is required by Premiere?

I am interested in giving Adobe Premeire a try (I might be able to acquire
a cheap used version).  I have a regular-8 camcorder, an ordinary VHS deck
(no single-frame advance or frame-counter, though I plan to upgrade to a
superior VCR) and a Mac LC II (running System 7.0.1) and Mac Powerbook 150
(running System 7.1.1).

Is this sufficient hardware, or do I need to install special video cards?
Can Premiere edit from tape to tape, or does the edited video need first be
stored on the hard drive (or Syquest or Iomega Zip drives)?

Thanks in advance,

Paul MacLean

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FS: A4000/Toaster

I am selling the following items as a "bundle":


Amiga A4000 040 25Mhz
     Buster -11
     Rev 3.1 A3640 (040 card)
     16 Megs Fast RAM
     2 Megs Chip RAM
     2- 420 Meg Conner Hard drives ( Nearly full of stuff)
     Toaster4000 Ver 3.5 software
The following software is included:
     Directory Opus, Inovatronics
     Interchange Plus, Syndesis
     Pixel 3D, Axiom
     AnimWorkshop, Axiom
     WaveMaker 1.0, Axiom
     ADPro 2.5, Elastic Reality
     Morph+, Elastic Reality
     GigaMem, Inovatronics
     ImageMaster RT, Black Belt Sytems
     Imagine 3.0, Impulse
     Forge, Apex
          Essence vol I, Apex
          Essence vol II, Apex

$4500.00 plus shipping and COD

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Digital Video Symposium – worth going?

  Has anyone been to the DV symposiums in L.A., Washington, Atlanta, New
York, or Minneapolis?  I’m pondering whether to go to the Seattle one and
I’d love to hear what they’re like.

  …nicnicnic…  =8)                          Nicholas Manara
  c/o b…                           Curious Bear Productions

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Video Gear FS

Video Toaster 4000 – $3850
Amiga 4000-18 Meg RAM, 420 Meg Drive, Sony 1302 Monitor, Toaster 4000
Card, DPS Personal Component Card (for Y/C and BetaCAM), Mouse,
Trackball keyboard.  MINT!

Hotronic AH-91 Dual TBC/Switcher Lists for $7000 asking $2500
Composite and Y/C input/output, many effects (wipes, dissolves, pushes,
pulls, posterize, mosaic, freeze), GPI input, serial control-MINT

VLAN Transmitter/Receiver Both $750
Frame accurate animation controller for any machine (PC, MAC, SGI,
Amiga) with an RS232 port.

Targa + 64  $850
Top of the line Targa board for NTSC capture and display.  Composite,
Y/C and RGB inputs/outputs

O’Connor 50 Tripod – $750
Good condition with wood sticks and spreader

ITE 40 Tripod – $275

TAO Editizer with Computer/Monitor – $1650
A/B Roll ccontroller with extensive EDL support, tape logging, 7
programmable GPI’s, directly controls many switchers including the
Toaster and Pinnacle Alladin.  Comes with 50Mhz 80486 with 8 Meg ram
and 120Meg hard drive and monitor. Everything you need for A/B roll for
virtually any machine from RS422 to 5 Pin Panasonic to LANC and RS232.

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Adobe Premiere (PC) not freeing memory

Anyone experiencing problems with Premiere 4.0 not freeing memory
after closing a project. In fact it seems the memory used continues to
increase until you run out (including Windows Swap File) or you close
the Premiere application.

If this has already been discussed, I apoligize (my news server only holds
about 2 day messages). BTW is there an archive for these forums?

Any help much appreciated.

Larry Jacobs
Tampa, FL

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Question: Genlocks vs. Capture Boards

I’ve seen lots of info on video capture and playback
cards for non-linear editting, but very little on
genlock cards.
Given I don’t have a MODO computer, and want
excellent quality, from what I’ve heard of genlock
cards, they should do what I want —
overlay text and computer generated graphics on
my raw, high resolution video source without degrading
it. Is this true?

If so, who makes genlock cards, and where can they
be purchased? Which ones are best, which ones are
cheapest? Which ones are the best value.

Given I only have a 486 with little hard disk space,
is it possible for me to accomplish the following
with some genlock-card/software combination:

1. do A/B roll type transitions (eg. cross fades, etc)
 using only still images captured at high resolution
 at the start/end points of my cuts
2. overlay graphics/text on high resolution video
  straight from my Sony TR700 without loss of resolution
3. order my cuts (to be taken from the camcorder),
   and my transitions (to be generated by the computer),
   and parallel overlays (to be generated by the computer
   as some particular footage rolls of the camcorder)
   so I can click a button and everything is made
4. dub audio as well?

My understanding (probably wrong) is that current
image capture/playback boards don’t allow #2 and #3
to be accomplished because they require that the
video be sampled first and then played back, while
genlock cards allow unsampled video to be mixed with
computer generated video.

Can someone please clear all this up for me?

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I am interested in finding out about the new Flyer, are the problems as bad as I hear?
How does it stack up against the industry leading Media Composer Line from AVID?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Video Classified Ads Mailing List

I would like to start a mailing list for classified ads only.  There
are two things I need to do to start this.  I need people to send it
to and classified ads.  This mailing list would go out monthly.
This mailing list would be only for video equipment, services, and
jobs.  If you would like to be apart of the mailing list it is
free.  All you have to do is fill out the form below and mail it to
me at trayn…

—–copy everything below this line—–

Please add my internet address to the video mailing list.
Internet Address:

—–end copying—–

If you wish to place an ad it is currently free.  I ask that you
send the following form and mail it to me at trayn…  Be
sure to include how people are supposed to contact you (your
internet address is not put in the ad unless you put it in the
ad).  there is no limit to how long the ad can be.

—–copy everything below this line—–

Please place my ad in the classified mailing list.

Internet Address:
Type of Ad (equipment, service, job):

—–end copying—–

If you wish to place an ad and you want to receive the mailing
list then you must fill out both forms.

Thank you,
Sidney Traynham

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Re: Any Fast Machine Mailorder Companies?

mvis… (Mark Ditmanson) wrote:
>I’m looking to buy a Video Machine with a studio box and component
>option.  I would like to know if there are any mailorder dealers who
>sell it.

The "Lite" version is sold by everybody and his or her brother/sister
(a good place is B&H is NYC…). The "heavy" version is sold only through
local distributors with protected areas at full retail, and FAST can
be pretty hamfisted if one of them strays from ze party line ….

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Any Fast Machines for Sale?

Does anyone have a Fast Video Machine (preferred with studio box and
component option) for sale?

E-mail or call 408-353-6000 with configuration and asking price.


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