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Newbie getting going in

My father, now 75, is an avid camcorder user and wants to learn about
relatively simple  He probably wants to edit his video tapes,
add titling, capture clips from camcorder, TV, etc. and make simple

What kind of mac would be good to do this with?

What extra hardware would be necessary and specifically what to buy?

What extra software would be necessary to buy?

We saw some software called VideoDirector in a store which seems to do a lot
of this.  Can someone tell me more about it?  



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pro movie studio

I would appreciate to know opinions of people who have
experimented with the pro movie studio;

it is on sale at surplus software for 100$ these days,
and I was thinkiong of getting onwe for holidsays;

is it truth that it does easily 320×200 live video capture with no dropped
frames ?

also: GREATLYappreciated if someone can tell me its performance under PAL

can  it capture 640×480 static stills from PAl?

(because the videspigot only did 320×200 stills while on PAL)


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Re: Requirements for Video Director

I found that Video Director also won’t work with the Power Mac.
 The new serial ports aren’t compatiable.  Unfortunately, they
don’t indicate that there is any problem on the box.  Spent a
wasted weekend…ah well…


digip… ("T. Lee Kidwell" ) wrote:

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>BU… (Bryan Busch) wrote:

>>        What sort of things are needed to work with Video
>> Hardware-wise? I’m pretty sure that my computer can
>handle the program, but do
>> I need S-VHS or will any VCR work? Anyone?

>Bryan, Video Director (VD) controls one LANC and one
>Infrared remote  deck. As for which deck that should
>be, that’s a general question  with lots of answers and
>depends on what you want to achieve in your  editing.

>I am evaluating a range of equipment and software
>options for doing  prosumer video editing and plan to
>write a review of several options  within the next
>couple of months. Meanwhile, I will be sending out  
>some bulletins via the net as I make progress. I will
>put you on  my mailing list for the bulletins.

>T. Lee Kidwell
>Digital Productions

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Email address of ATI and Creative labs wanted!!

Hi there,
         I decided to purchase a new video card! What’s your recommend?
I read the last issue of PC Magazine, they have rated the ATI Expression 2MB
to editor choice. Is that really good? And I planned to purchase a
Video Blaster RT-300, I just wonder that VB RT-300 can be compatable to
ATI Expression?  Please give me some advise!! I also wanted the email address
of ATI and Creative Labs!

I would appreciate for any help!


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Mac NuBus/ SCSI rankings?

Hi everyone.
I have a Centris 650 and am reluctant to upgrade to a 7100 because
the lasy at Radius said she rec’s quad 840, 950 or ppc 8100 for VVS.
I can only afford vid vision regular right now and am wondering-
isn’t it better to wait till pci machines come in 5 months? Or will thqat
just be a new set of headaches?
anyway, does anyone have an objective rating/ranking of
mb/s for midrange macs like mine versus 950, 840 etc
a 950 seems a real expeeensive dinosaur at this point,, still over 3k and
obsolete fast with a 33mhz 040…

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Connectix QuickCam and PowerBook 5xx

I just bought a QuickCam and when I connected it to my PowerBook it did
not work. I read in the ‘ReadMe’ and it said that it could be one of two
problems. Either not enough power goes to the serial port or some other
problem that was not stated. They said to plug in the Powerbook for the
first problem, as to the second…I have no clue as to what to do, since I
believe that I am facing this problem. Has anyone else had this type of
problem? If so, could you help me out? I think that it has something to do
with the serial port settings. It has a Printer and a Modem port setting,
well the powerbooks have one serial/modem port, and I think that it is
addressed a bit differently. I would call tech support but they are closed
till the 26th and I was hoping to figure it out before then. I would
appreciate any and all help…Thanks in advance.


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Pro Movie Studio

First off I want to thank the people on this news group that posted
about Surplus Software selling the Pro Movie Studio for $99.  I
ordered one this past tuesday and it came wednesday(they do Airborne
second day for $5, and I guess since Washington state is so close it
only took one day).  So for $104 I’ve got a Pro Movie Studio still
wrapped and sealed.

I had a bit of a hard time getting it to confiure on my P90 with a
Herc Dynamite PCI video card. But with a little help from MSD (its a
tool that comes with DOS that will tell you about your computer’s
setup) I finally found a free memory block and interrupt to put the
Pro Movie Studio card at.  Once I did this I had no trouble.  I did
call Media Visions BBS to get the latest version of the Pro Movie
Software(it may have also helped in getting the board to work).  The
new version of their VCR program definitly seemed to work better.  The
version of Video for Windows included with the card was only 1.0.  I’m
not sure what Microsoft’s upgrade policy is, but they are shipping
version 1.1 which does seem to have less bugs/more features.  Media
Vision’s BBS had an announcement about them coming out of chapter 11
at the end of December, good news if your looking for support.

Anyway I’m fairly happy with the card.  On my P90 it will do 320×240
30fps without dropping frames.  In 640×480 its not that great(only a
few frames a second depending on compression, VfW 1.1 has a greater
choice of compression options that might make it worth the upgrade
even if there is a fee involved).  The card has S-Video and Composite
inputs and seems fairly well built(no jumpers to mess with).  All in
all a fair deal for $104.  If your looking to get a capture card that
will work with your video card no matter what (I had to return a
Vidiola because it wouldn’t work with Dynamite) this seems like a good
deal.  Surplus Software’s phone number is 1-800-753-7877.

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Media 100 v.2.0

Looking for feedback on this release, specifically on it’s hi-res output
and claims thereof

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video director software from gold disk

Having installed both version 1 and 2 of video director, let me point out that
soemtimes the LANC driver for the source deck will not work if you are in
windows enhanced mode; you need to reboot your computer and start windows in
standard mode.

Don’t ask em why this is the case, but I figured it out from trila and error.

If anyone else has had installation or operational problems with video
director please e mail to me directly.

Thank you.

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Camcorder to PC? Help!

OK… I just bought a Sharp ViewCam camcorder… How can I hook it up
my desktop PC? I have a 486DX2-66 w/ 8 megs RAM, 420 megs HD, ATI
Mach32 VLB video card, SoundBlaster 16,…

What do I need? Hardware and software? I just like to be able to
view/edit/copy/record home movies…

Thanks in advance for any help… E-mail please… :)

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